Your love language, based on your Venus sign

Venus is the planet of love, and in astrology your Venus sign provides insight into your individuality as well as how you fit into your partnerships.

The secret of partners you might be attracted to and wouldn’t consider dating is woven into your Venus sign, as is your love language.

Venus Sign Love Languages

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Venus in Aries Love Language: Quality Time

Venus in Aries wants to feel passion and adventure. Their love language involves spontaneity. The more chaotic their partner, the more exciting it is because Venus in Aries lives for the thrill.

They enjoy spending time with their partner when they can inspire them because it brings out their competitive nature. This Venus sign wants a balance of CEO and daredevil in their partner. The flame of passion is kept alive when their partner can constantly transform and surprise them.

Venus in Taurus love language: Physical touch

Venus in Taurus enjoys physical touch. This earthy Venus will take her time getting to know someone, so when she lets her guard down, she’ll appreciate being close to her partner.

Venus in Taurus is sensual and can be traditional by the courtship. Hugs are intimate for them as well as the grip. They don’t have to verbalize the words because holding their partner and having that reciprocal energy is enough for them.

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