Tim Kawakami names three stars he thinks Giants will aggressively pursue this offseason

Tim Kawakami names three stars he thinks Giants will aggressively pursue this offseason

© Rick Osentoski | Sep 30, 2022

For the Giants this offseason, the stove is expected to be the hottest in over a decade.

After a disappointing 81-81 season after not doing much in the winter, the pressure is on Farhan Zaidi and Co. to get back to 2021 form. That should show up in making plays for some of the big name talent on the open market, especially some of the best players in the game.

The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami joined Papa & Lund on Monday and said he believed it would.

“I think they are going to be very aggressive,” TK said on KNBR. “It’s not something anyone told me, but you can just read it, right? I mean the owner said ‘we’re very aware of this pending free agent. in the Bronx”. You can’t point it any louder than that. I don’t think it’s a swoon, I don’t think it’s to make people think they’re gonna try and fail the way they have done on various other free agents in the past, Bryce Harper being the main one.

“I think they realize they’re in a position here where one superstar – damn two superstars if they could do it – would be a potential tipping point for them in the future, for the next five to seven years. They need people in the seats, it’s not just that. Not just to stoke interest in this team, but just to make it good for a while.

The Giants didn’t make a splash on a free agent player in the Farhan Zaidi era, and long before that. In fact, Wilmer Flores’ three-year, $16.5 million contract is the most lucrative deal Zaidi has ever paid for a non-pitch.

With the pressure on, you can expect this to end in the months to come.

“They have the money,” Kawakami continued. “They saved a lot last season, as people are quick to point out and are right to point out. Salary is down $30-40 million from previous years and previous years. They have money. It’s a rich team. It’s a successful team, they like to have the big names. They didn’t have a superstar last year after Buster Posey retired. They’re set up to do it wisely, not recklessly, they’re not going to outbid everyone by $10 million a year. But to be in this ballpark, and if Aaron judges, No. 1 obviously, but if they don’t get it, and it’s hard to imagine ever spending more than the Yankees on a superstar, I think they are ready to opt for Carlos Correa. And if they don’t get Carlos Correa, I think they’re ready to go for Trea Turner.

“There’s going to be this focus, it’s not going to be crazy money, it’s not going to be stupid money, it’s going to be money they can afford, it’s because they’re rich. , and it’s a team that needs it and could be a winning team for many years to come if you get that. And it’s better to get it in free agency than to trade your farm system for someone. You may have to do it, I don’t think they want to do it.

“You just have to get them as a free agent. There are three, I just named them. I don’t know if they’re going to get one, I think there’s a good shot they take every, every, every swing on every one of them down the line. And I think they might end up having one.

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