The Handmaid's Tale Season Finale Recap: They Never Let Nobody Get Away

The Handmaid’s Tale Season Finale Recap: They Never Let Nobody Get Away

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For all its flaws – plots that spiral out of control, inconsistent world-building, over-reliance on Elisabeth Moss’ eyebrows – I love this show. That’s why I’ll try to decode June and Serena’s expressions at the end of the episode until The Handmaid’s TaleThe premieres of the sixth and final season of. Does June seem happy to see her mortal enemy? Exasperated? Fearful? I’m still not sure. Less difficult to decipher is the flash of a growl on Aunt Lydia’s face as she watches Janine being led away to her probable execution. The immediate future looks particularly bleak for Janine, but by the end of “Safe,” all of our heroes have landed on entirely new trajectories, and none of them seem safe at all. Except Moira, who I suspect will continue her relatively quiet life working at the Toronto refugee center and sabotaging all of her relationships.

The conductor of this dust-busting express is the inscrutable former Commander Lawrence – who of course has denied any wrongdoing. I wondered if Lawrence organized the memorial shooting late last week, which now appears to have been a failed assassination attempt. When confronted, Lawrence tells Nick that he didn’t order a hit in June, thereby convincing Nick and myself that he absolutely did. And the attempts on June’s life only become more deadly. Gilead usually operates with the subtlety of a bright red van swooping down on a pedestrian in the middle of a sleepy suburban street in broad daylight, so that’s naturally their next method of attack on June. It’s this four-door murder attempt that ultimately cracks Luke, Nick, and Janine, each in their own way and with varying degrees of severity, ultimately causing all three of them to fall on the wrong side of the law.

It would be tempting to blame June for the fate of her most staunch defenders (plus Nick), as she almost certainly will herself, but that wouldn’t just be the very definition of victim-blaming; we’d also be overlooking the larger, more sinister issues at play. Gilead’s arm is long and reaching – as Martha says when breaking the news to Janine: “They never let anyone get away. Motherfuckers. Right now, June and Luke are caught between growing hostility towards American refugees in Canada on the one hand and the encroaching influence of Gilead on the other, putting them in greater danger every day. For Nick, June’s near-murder proves the limits of his influence over Gilead, hence his extremely late decision to become a double agent and start throwing hands. For Janine, the news ignites a deep well of personal anger, of course, but perhaps it also carries a message of futility. If Gilead can murder June in Toronto, where she’s supposed to be safe, what’s the point of trying to be a “nice girl” here at Gilead? In any case, Janine is finished.

Since Aunt Lydia won’t be allowed to stop her favorite girl from being posted again, she decides the best thing to do is post Janine with the new Mrs. Lawrence, and she deploys all her most biting manipulative verbal tricks to get there. to arrive at. Sending Janine to his house will be good for public relations, Lydia tells the future ex-Ms. Putnam, which is a priority for Commander Lawrence. For good measure, she sprinkles menacing subtext about women who know their role and are treated with respect and grace in return. So, on her wedding day to Lawrence, Mrs. Putnam (Naomi. Sweetheart.) offers Janine the position of servant on a trial basis, on the understanding that there is no confusion as to the identity of Angela’s real mother. Janine’s first sweet response brings Aunt Lydia to tears of pride, but after hearing about June, Janine drops the Handmaid’s mask completely. “I hate you, Naomi,” she told him. “How can you not know that?” For this deeply cathartic moment, Janine is then chained up and thrown into the back of a van. In a direct callback to Emily from season one, our final image of Janine sees her shaking hands with Martha, also in chains, seated opposite her. My only hope is that Lydia has now been compressed enough to break Janine out of jail and that this reminder doesn’t foreshadow what I think it does.

The penalty for Janine’s retort (ordered by Lawrence) could range from genital mutilation to hanging. Meanwhile, Nick’s dramatic emotional outbursts are also out of proportion to their usefulness and consequences, only the other way around. In exchange for being allowed to kiss June’s forehead in the hospital, Nick eventually agrees to work for Tuello against Gilead. He also breaks into Lawrence’s wedding in an effort to punch him in the face. Great job, Nick Blaine. I hope it was worth it, because this little display of fragile masculinity raised Commander Mackenzie’s suspicions, potentially nullifying any use he could make of Tuello, while pissing off his wife to such an extent that she says she doesn’t want to be unmarried anymore (which doesn’t mean anything because it’s not like she’s allowed to divorce). The only person who’s more fed up with Nick than me right now is Nick.

Now, the reason Luke’s response to seeing June get hit by a van could be called a “snap,” and not just a reasonable effort to stop some guy from killing your wife, is that he apparently beats the driver to death. . The scene is shot from June’s very blurry point of view, so we don’t see the full beating, only their feet, but shouldn’t it take more than 15 seconds to beat a man to death? I’m definitely not an expert in this area, so I’m sincerely asking. Realistic or not, the driver dies and within minutes Canada has issued a warrant for Luke’s arrest, flagged their refugee cards to prevent them fleeing and set up law enforcement patrols at the airport and at the station to intercept it.

If the police are charging Luke with murder rather than self-defense, then clearly public sentiment against Americans has reached the level of the Justice Department, which is June’s signal to get the hell out of here. Tuello, who has just conveniently stopped, sends them to the station, where he has set up an evacuation train for all American refugees from Toronto. Unfortunately, the cops are already two steps ahead and are handing out wanted posters with Luke’s face on them. The good news is that Luke is dying for a moment of martyrdom throughout the season. He pushes June and Nichole ahead of him in line, and she is about to board the train when she realizes that Luke never planned to board the train with them.

But do you know who boarded the refugee train? Serena Joy Waterford. Do you have diapers?

• Place your bets now on who among Janine, Luke and Nick will get out of jail and who will be sentenced to life.

• Will we hear from Esther again?

• Will we hear from the Wheelers again?

• Do we trust Tuello or not? I lean no.

• Thank you, show, for allowing me to maintain my well-deserved hatred towards Naomi Putnam Lawrence.

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