Kari Lake cuts Katie Hobbs lead

The Associated Press did not call the Arizona governor’s run. here’s why

The Associated Press has yet to call Arizona’s open gubernatorial race between Katie Hobbs, the Democratic secretary of state, and Republican Kari Lake, a former TV host, because there are still too many votes to count for conclude that Hobbs’ lead is insurmountable. .

Vote counting in Arizona has been underway since Tuesday’s midterm elections, with officials from the state’s 15 counties releasing vote tallies as they are processed.

On Sunday, the margin in the gubernatorial race stood at just over 26,000 votes, with Lake about a point behind. There are still about 171,000 votes to be counted in Arizona; Lake needs about 57% of those to pass Hobbs.

Almost all Arizona votes are conducted by mail, although some voters vote in person at polling centers. Most Arizona counties do not count ballots in-house, with officials instead bringing them to a central facility.

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