The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want An Adventure During Scorpio To Neptune On November 12, 2022

We tend to forget how powerful Scorpio’s solar season is, and when it’s transiting Neptune, as it is today, November 12, 2022, we can see some of the associated stereotypes that come with the significant increase in surface area.

One of the most typical Neptune traits is the desire for romance and intimacy…but not forever. It is a desire that does not think about marriage and children, but comes true spontaneously and has no plans for the future.

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In other words, we want an adventure, and when we want something, there’s very little to stop us. During this time, we feel turned on by the idea of ​​something non-committal, yet we want that connection.

We’re not talking about cheating either; let’s be clear on that. We’re talking about those of us who may be in between loves, or single, and because life has taught us to be suspicious of just about everything and everyone, we just want to keep our love lives “light.” ” right now.

And so, an adventure it is. When you know what you want to do, it’s easier to get because you’re not fooling yourself this time. It means that we are not trying to convince ourselves that we really want something more, but we will hide this truth from ourselves under the veil of an adventure. No, we want an adventure.

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