The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Abandoned Their Toxic Friends During Moon Trine Mercury November 13, 2022

Moon trine Mercury means goodbye toxic friends, so get your waved hand ready because it’s about to be lit. First of all, it’s November, and at this point in the year, we’re tired of lugging around negative baggage; we want new beginnings, new people, the promise of a new day, etc.

We know exactly who is a bad apple in our lives and we could finally get it into our heads this time that we don’t need to keep them.

The longer these toxic friends remain, the less we feel they are sapping our energy and polluting our environment. So why oh why would we ever associate with people like that?

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November 13, 2022 brings us an idea and an opportunity. The idea shows us that we are now ready to “shear the herd” so to speak, which involves keeping what works in friendships while getting rid of what doesn’t.

Opportunity is what Moon trine Mercury brings us, and that is to do it NOW, rather than later. What are we waiting for? To see how much poison we can take? Not a good plan, signs. Let’s opt for healthy relationships and positive energy friendships.

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