The 3 signs of the zodiac with approximate horoscopes on November 14, 2022

If there is anything that could bother us enough to call this day a difficult day, it would be a thought that we put in our head that confuses us or that we cannot get rid of.

It is as if today we are besieged by overthinking, and much of our thinking is pointless and unnecessarily dark.

Hey, we all have our moods, although it seems the main mood today is the one that really gets us down. We think too much, and therefore, we have a bad day.

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We are witnessing a double dose of energy from Pluto, and that is more than likely what is behind all these negative thoughts.

We have the Moon Pluto opposition coupled with Mercury sextile Pluto, and while there’s some good to be seen in that, there’s also the idea of ​​misinterpreting the good.

We’re way too smart for our own good during Mercury sextile Pluto, which means we overanalyze things so intensely, that we leave ourselves with nothing but negative space to work with.

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Today can also bring us unsolicited anger; we get angry at inanimate objects and we take out our frustrations on “things”. Although it might sound silly, it could also lead us to situations where we break things, thereby ruining them forever.

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