Superman Unreal Engine 5 demo creator claims game was stolen and sold on Steam

Superman Unreal Engine 5 demo creator claims game was stolen and sold on Steam

An indie developer who demoed a Superman flying experience in Unreal Engine 5 said his work was stolen and put up for sale on Steam.

Back in April, we shared a video of an amazing Superman-style flight experience built in Unreal Engine 5. The demo, which is still free to try on, was built using the city of Epic The Matrix Awakens. Developer Tyson Butler-Boschma replaced Matrix elements and inserted a Superman-like character to give players an idea of ​​what a future superhero game on Unreal Engine 5 might look like.

Two weeks ago, a fan pointed out to Butler-Boschma that an identical game had appeared on Steam, titled Heroes City Superman Edition. According to PC Gamer, a group by the name of Hero Game Studios has apparently listed Butler-Boschma’s exact work on Steam for a price of $10.99, and copyright claimed the Butler-Boschma trailer. promoting the free demo. The game has since been removed from Steam, but not before causing the game’s creator a lot of trouble.

On TwitterButler-Boschma revealed that Hero Game Studios began cracking down on their YouTube content after listing the game, saying, “The team that stole my free Superman demo and sold it on Steam now also claims my content on @YouTube… They are downright attacking and harassing me at this point and I don’t feel safe providing my personal information for a counterclaim…”

Butler-Boschma left a review of the game on Steam, warning people that the game was a scam and that he was the real creator. Hero Game Studios responded to the review before the game was removed, saying the following:

Our game is not stolen. One of the former developers of our user team TJ ATOMICA left our team a long time ago, but now he claims that the whole project belongs to him. But that’s completely wrong. The rights to the game and the development process belong entirely to us. The reason he did this is because sales were growing pretty fast. He thinks he can make money out of it.

Butler-Boschma (who goes by TJ ATOMICA on Twitter and Steam) told PC Gamer that he has no idea who Hero Game Studios is, and his LinkedIn does not list any affiliation with the company.

The developer also purchased the game on Steam only to find the opening level he says he created from scratch, including a message he wrote about how the demo works. Butler-Boschma said, “It confirmed to me 100% that this project was the one I did and this developer just uploaded, stole and passed off this work as their own.”

All that’s left on Steam is Butler-Boschma’s negative review, Hero Game Studios’ response, and a handful of Butler-Boschma’s supporting comments. You can always check out the free demo for yourself at

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