Small-town Michigan teenager brings Gwen Stefani to tears with his Knockout "The Voice"

Small-town Michigan teenager brings Gwen Stefani to tears with his Knockout “The Voice”

He’s already defied the odds and reached the third round of “The Voice.” Now Brayden Lape, 16, a sophomore at Grass Lake High School, has taken on not one, but two singers in the Knockout Round, with the winner qualifying for live broadcasts of the hit NBC reality singing competition. .

Lape performed Brett Young’s “Mercy” in front of a studio audience, all four coaches and the millions of viewers at home. He took on Austin Montgomery, who performed George Straight’s “You Look So Good In Love” and Eva Ullmann who sang Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.”

“These artists are the youngest on my team and I wanted to see which of them was the most ready for Lives,” Shelton said ahead of their Knockout performances.

After Lape’s performance, coach Gwen Stefani had to wipe away her tears. “Brayden, there’s something so understated about what you do and it feels so natural,” she said. “I just want to say, as a mom, I think you’re really good.”

“Brayden, I think I’m in love with you,” coach Camila Cabello said after her performance. “I love that song. I find your tone so beautiful. There’s, like, an emotional innocence about it. I know, like, all the girls are falling in love with you right now.

“Each of them had their hands full with the songs you picked,” said Shelton, their trainer. “Brayden, you picked a song where there was nowhere to hide. It’s frightening. You step into a zone and it’s so good and I don’t think you sound any better. Everything was spot on.

Then it was time for Shelton to make a decision. “The winner of this knockout is… Brayden.”

“I had to pick Brayden. Brayden is only 16 and he’s already so good. He has an amazing tone. Every time he steps on that stage, he takes huge strides. So I think once we get into Lives, I think he might hold the trophy at the end.

Next up is round four, the live broadcasts beginning next Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC. Lape will be one of 16 contestants performing on Monday, with the elimination show taking place on Tuesday.

We first met Lape on “The Voice” during his blind audition on September 20 when he performed Niall Horan’s “This Town.” Shelton was the only one of the four coaches to turn a chair for him. Coach John Legend called Lape Shelton “Tom Brady”.

Then came the Battle Round on October 18 when Lape faced a much more experienced performer in 29-year-old Benny Weag. The two performed Parker McCollum’s “Pretty Heart” and Shelton opted to send Lape to tonight’s Knockout Round.

Two more Michiganders topped blind auditions on Season 22 of “The Voice.” Sadie Bass, 25, is originally from Bath, Michigan, near Lansing, and currently lives in Nashville, TN. She landed on Gwen Stefani’s team and was eliminated in the second round, the Battle Round. EMU graduate and Saginaw native SOLsong was also eliminated in the Battle Round.


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