Royal expert: Princess Diana's 'The Crown' revenge dress 'looks like cosplay'

Royal expert: Princess Diana’s ‘The Crown’ revenge dress ‘looks like cosplay’

‘The Crown’ is back – just like iconic Princess Diana fashion.

Season 5 of the hit Netflix drama kicks off tomorrow, and with all the royally juicy drama, fans can expect some standout looks from Elizabeth Debicki as the late Princess of Wales – including her infamous ‘vengeance dress’. “.

The latest episode of ‘The Crown’ will chronicle the failed marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the 1990s, and the Christina Stambolian black dress Diana wore after the future king’s confession of infidelity will finally get its moment onscreen – although a royal expert wouldn’t love the look.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana
Princess Diana’s “revenge dress” is making an appearance in the new season of “The Crown,” and royal expert Kinsey Schofield spoke with Page Six Style about its impact on the show’s wardrobe.

“I think their dress is beautiful, but it really doesn’t compare to the original, honestly,” Kinsey Schofield, royal expert and founder of “To Di For Daily,” told Page Six Style, adding that “you can’t help but think back to Diana in the dress.

“There’s something so iconic about the dress that it’s almost like cosplaying seeing someone else in it,” she said of the sexy off-the-shoulder mini. .

princess diana
Diana wore this daring dress to an event at London’s Serpentine Gallery in June 1994.
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However, the expert stressed how “it was important that they recreate it and tell this story, because suddenly we realized how hurt she was”. [by Charles] and how she was reacting to the situation and how awesome it was.

The “vengeance dress” is almost a character in itself in the Charles and Diana saga, marking a moment when there is a seismic shift in the late princess’s wardrobe.

“I think just looking at what I’ve seen so far, they’re projecting this shift in her confidence and feelings through her wardrobe,” Schofield said.

“At the start of the season, in the early 90s, she dresses almost like the Easter mommy, pastels…as the show progresses and gets closer to the end of the decade, she is sexier, you see the pop culture influence on Diana.”

Indeed, in the Season 5 trailer, the lavender “Easter Mama” skirts give way to Diana’s bolder looks as viewers see the princess gain confidence and open up about her relationship.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana
Debicki sports a recreation of Diana’s beaded choker with the famous revenge dress from Season 5.

“You see a kind of revenge body and revenge wardrobe towards the end of the season, which is exciting, and I know the fans are looking forward to seeing that,” Schofield said.

The podcast host also highlighted the “giant red coat” the late royal wore while jogging on a ski vacation in Austria as one of her most anticipated looks on Debicki.

“Street style is so important,” Schofield said. “Seeing her dressed up, we see her personality more. She was a cool mum. Her wardrobe was a reflection of who she really was. She was the first royal to say, ‘I don’t care what I am. supposed to wear.” “

And while fans of royal fashion will easily spot more iconic looks in the trailer, like a glimpse of the British Lung Foundation sweatshirt she wore to a polo match in 1988, the outfits are only not always seen in the same context as the story.

The short, beaded Catherine Walker dress that Diana wore to a “Vanity Fair” dinner in 1995, for example, appears in Season 5 – but during a performance of “Swan Lake,” which was one of the royal’s last public appearances before her death.

“They visually prioritized some of these outfits that we recognize and inserted them into storylines that didn’t necessarily fit that outfit,” the royal commentator said, adding that she appreciated that the creators of ‘Crown’ “know how important her wardrobe is to viewers and Diana fans.

Despite the “salacious” drama that may be in store for this season, Schofield reflected on Princess Diana’s legacy.

“It’s so funny because here we are, 25 years after her death, still trying to dress like her.”

Season 5 of “The Crown” premieres Wednesday, November 9 on Netflix.

Princess Diana and a young Prince William
Princess Diana’s British Lung Foundation sweatshirt will make an appearance in Season 5 of the Netflix drama.
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