Robinson's agent scolds COs for GA replica

Robinson’s agent scolds COs for GA replica

ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Commanders’ agent running back Brian Robinson took issue with the team citing his client’s shooting in its preemptive response to the upcoming District of Columbia attorney general’s announcement. concerning the organization.

Earlier Wednesday, DC Attorney General Karl Racine’s office announced it would hold a press conference Thursday at 1 p.m. to “make a major announcement regarding Washington commanders.”

It is currently unknown what Racine will announce. His office has been investigating the commanders for more than six months, as has the Virginia attorney general, over allegations that the organization engaged in financial impropriety. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia has also opened a criminal investigation into the allegations, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ESPN last week.

A spokesperson for the commanders, in a press release Wednesday eveningpushed back against the Attorney General’s possible announcement and in doing so referenced Robinson, who in August was shot twice in the right leg in an attempted robbery while on his way to a restaurant in DC

“Less than three months ago, a 23-year-old player from our team was shot several times, in broad daylight,” the statement begins. “Despite the out-of-control violent crime in DC, Washington commanders learned today for the first time on Twitter that the DC Attorney General will be holding a press conference to ‘make a major announcement’ related to the organization tomorrow.”

Robinson required surgery on his right knee, but suffered no internal damage and was able to play in a game six weeks later, becoming a franchise feel-good story.

His agent, Ryan Williams, was unaware of Robinson’s inclusion in the statement until it became public.

“Until an hour ago, COs handled Brian Robinson’s situation with such care, sincerity and class,” Williams wrote in a tweet. “And I was so grateful for all of that. Although I know there are great humans in this building, whoever is behind this statement is not one of them.”

The commanders did not respond to messages seeking additional comment on their statement.

DC Metro Police have arrested two suspects in connection with Robinson’s shooting. The DC Attorney General’s Office is not responsible for prosecuting armed robbery or attempted murder, which falls under the jurisdiction of the United States Attorney General’s Office since it is a federal district. .

The statement from the commanders’ spokesperson continued: “The commanders have cooperated fully with the AG’s investigation for nearly a year. As recently as Monday, a team lawyer met with the AG who did not suggest at the time that he intended to take action and, in fact, revealed fundamental misunderstandings of the facts. underlyings. It is unfortunate that, in his final days in office, Mr. Racine seems more interested in making splashy headlines, based on off-the-wall legal theories, than doing the hard work of making the streets safe for our citizens, including bring to justice the people who shot one of our players.”

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