'Rings of Power' debuts at No. 1 on streaming chart

‘Rings of Power’ debuts at No. 1 on streaming chart

The big budget The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power had a big opening weekend on Nielsen’s SVOD charts, topping Dragon House among streaming users. It wasn’t the biggest opening ever for Amazon’s Prime Video in terms of total watch time, however.

power rings captured 1.25 billion minutes of watch time after its September 1 premiere in the United States, the only streaming title to exceed 1 billion minutes for the week. HBO Dragon Housemeanwhile, clocked in week-over-week with 781 million minutes on HBO Max (the latter’s total doesn’t include viewing on HBO’s linear channels, which accounts for a significant portion of its overall viewership).

While the beginnings of Rings is among Prime Video’s best openings to date – and the first series on the platform to capture the #1 overall ranking on the Nielsen Chart – it’s not the better. That honor still belongs to Reachwhich had a total of 1.84 billion minutes tuned for its opening weekend in early February.

A key difference: Reach’The full eight-episode season debuted at the same time, giving Prime Video users around six and a half hours of shows to watch. power rings created with only two episodes, totaling two hours and 12 minutes of running time. That equates to an average of around 9.5 million viewers for the two episodes (dividing minutes watched by runtime) – more than double that of Reachopening frame of (4.7 million).

A closer comparison between Prime Video series is another fantastic show, The wheel of time. It premiered with three episodes in November 2021 and amassed 1.16 billion viewing minutes in its first weekend. These three episodes had a combined runtime of 169 minutes, which equates to an average of around 6.6 million viewers.

As for Dragon House, its 781 million minutes – encompassing a week of viewing for the first two episodes and a few hours for episode three – are up slightly from 741 million the previous week. parent show game of thrones also remained at the top of the acquired series rankings, with 792 million minutes.

Nielsen’s “reach” figures – a measure of people who watched at least six minutes of a given program – for Dragon House and power rings are somewhat similar. power rings holds an advantage among streaming-only viewers, with 12.6 million people in the United States watching the series in its first four days, compared to 10.6 million for Dragon House. Adding viewing of the latter on HBO’s main cable channel, however, brings the total for Dragon House at 14.5 million; on-demand viewers and those watching on HBO’s multiplex channels are not counted.

HBO says that so far, Dragon House has averaged 29 million cross-platform viewers per episode since its August 21 premiere – ahead of the totals for the first six seasons of game of thrones.

Elsewhere on the streaming chart, Netflix’s limited series Devil in Ohio debuted at No. 2 among Originals with 716 million minutes watched across eight episodes. She-Hulk: Lawyer (472 million minutes) improved 21% week over week with the release of its third episode on September 1.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on televisions only and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure US audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Nielsen’s best streaming series from August 29 to September 29. 1 are below.

Original series

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video), 1.25 billion minutes viewed
2. Devil in Ohio (Netflix), 716 million
3. stranger things (Netflix), 667 million
4. echoes (Netflix), 627 million
5. i am a killer (Netflix), 558 million
6. She-Hulk: Lawyer (Disney+), 472 million
seven. The sand man (Netflix), 432 million
8. Virgin River (Netflix), 428 million
9. Partner path (Netflix), 413 million
ten. Unspeakable (Netflix), 301 million

Acquired series

1. NCIS (Netflix), 812 million minutes
2. game of thrones (HBO Max), 792 million
3. Dragon House (HBO Max), 781 million
4. Cocomelon (Netflix), 693 million
5. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 674 million
6. Bluey (Disney+), 581 million
seven. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 571 million
8. Friends (HBO Max), 480 million
9. breaking Bad (Netflix), 422 million
ten. The simpsons (Disney+), 397 million

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