Ridge Reels when he gets proof that Brooke lied - and Taylor decides to leave town

Ridge Reels when he gets proof that Brooke lied – and Taylor decides to leave town

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Brooke, over the phone, that he hates to interrogate her, but she has long said that Thomas is not fit to raise Douglas. Thomas mumbles, “She did that. Ridge continues, “Just tell me, did you do that? Did you call CPS about my son? »

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Steffy arrives at the cliff house to find Taylor staring out the patio doors, unsteady. Taylor explains that she is dealing. “I love your dad so much. He knows it and you and Thomas know it, and Brooke knows…” Steffy replies that Ridge loves her too. Taylor sighs, “I’m just sick of the back and forth and the mixed signals. It feels like history is repeating itself. I didn’t come back to LA for this.
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Steffy asks her mother where it came from. Taylor has been thinking about it for a while and was hit with common sense this week. She knows how this story ends. Steffy insists that Ridge’s marriage to Brooke will not last. Taylor says, “I’m not a consolation prize.” Steffy maintains that her father is in love with her and that’s what drives Brooke crazy. Taylor says it doesn’t matter. She knows they’re wonderful together, but he’s married to Brooke.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge is still on the phone with Brooke, who says, “Ridge, that wasn’t me.” He says it wasn’t fair to Thomas and tells him he’ll talk to him later. After logging out, he tells Thomas, “She said she didn’t.” Thomas wonders if, after all she’s done, his father really believes it’s true.
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At the cliff house, Taylor has been in this marriage for decades and wants to get out of it. Steffy insists she can’t give up. “You are his true love, you are.” They remember when he proposed on the boat with the scavenger hunt and the X in the sand. Taylor recalls it was like a fairy tale…but there was no happily ever after. She’s on the wrong side of history now that he’s married to Brooke. “I’m not the home breaker here, it’s his karma, not mine.”

Liam finds Brooke deep in thought in his living room and asks her if she’s okay. She doesn’t want to go inside. Liam cares about her and seeks more information. Brooke has a lot on her mind that she’s trying to process…with Ridge, Thomas…Liam wonders if it’s about the knife. He wishes they could go home, grab Douglas and get him out of there. Brooke sighs, “Me too.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge yells at Thomas when he insists that Brooke must have been the one who called the CPS. Thomas brings up the name of a friend, Walter, who works for one of the CPS branches and could probably tell them who made the call.
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Alone at the cliff house, Steffy looks at pictures of her parents and then takes a call from Bill. He explains that he is putting the Aspen house up for sale. He knows how much she loves him and wanted to give her the first opportunity to buy her. She thanks him. Taylor wanders around the room as Steffy’s call continues. Bill tells her no one is using the place right now if she wants to go check it out. “Actually, you can use my jet.” Steffy tells Bill that she will contact him again. She disconnects and continues to urge Taylor to fight for Ridge. Taylor knows how the story ends – “Your dad ends up with Brooke.”

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At Brooke’s, she divulges to Liam that Ridge just called and was very upset. They examine whether or not Thomas could have changed. She senses that Ridge does not understand the danger of Douglas being there. Liam agrees, “Hope neither.” He asks what happened. Brooke recounts that Child Protective Services was called to verify Thomas’ treatment of Douglas, and Ridge is very upset.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge welcomes his old friend Walter into the living room. The guy shakes hands with him and Thomas. He asks what’s going on – it seemed urgent. Ridge explains that Thomas just moved into the mansion with Douglas and two CPS agents showed up to question him. They want to know who made the phone call – someone was trying to hurt the family or their son’s name.
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At the cliff house, Steffy can’t understand why Taylor would give up now. Taylor fights with Brooke and doesn’t like who she is right now. He is in love with her while he is married to Brooke. She won’t do to him what she did to them. “I will respect marriage.” Taylor decides she needs to leave Los Angeles for a while. Steffy suggests they go together…to Aspen. They can check Bill’s house. Taylor protests that she has to worry about Finn and her children. Steffy wants to support her. She is still convinced that her parents will reunite.

At Brooke’s, Liam is confused – who would call the CPS on Thomas? Brooke shakes her ear.

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At the Forrester mansion, Walter tells Ridge that his request is unethical. Ridge protests that what happened was unethical. Thomas assures the man that no one will know; it would be unofficial. Walter reluctantly agrees to find out who made the call as long as they don’t let anyone know – especially the person who made the call. They agree. Walter pulls out his work phone and writes down Douglas’s name. He finds the case – it’s closed because there was nothing to worry about. A voice recording of the call is attached. Walter again swears to them secrecy before playing the call. It’s Brooke’s voice on roll call. Ridge winces as he hears him say that Douglas is in danger and that Thomas is unstable and has a knife. She says her name, “Brooke Logan.” Thomas shakes his head. Ridge turns away and laments, “Logan.”
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Next on Love glory and beauty: Steffy arranges for Taylor to leave to clear her head, and Ridge enlists the favor of a friend to get the truth.

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