Parody gold created by Elon Musk's Twitter Blue

Parody gold created by Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue

The days since man-child billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter have been nothing short of pure chaos. Musk announced that he would revamp Twitter’s existing subscription plan, Twitter Blue, to allow users to purchase the coveted blue verification check, which was previously used to authenticate accounts that were, well, real. Musk decided to scrap a real verification system and let anyone just buy a blue check for $7.99 a month. The company said such a plan would improve “quality conversations on Twitter.” Good, he has already been suspended due to identity theft issues.

What issues with identity theft, you ask? Countless users have purchased Twitter Blue to use on “verified” parody accounts of all sorts of things, places and people, from impersonations of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly to former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Honestly, Twitter hasn’t been this fun in a long time.

Many of those tweets and accounts have since been taken down by the company, but here’s a summary with as many screenshots as we could find:

Eli Lilly offers free insulin:

A parody tweet that says

A fake account opened up as @EliLillyandCo and chose chaos Thursday night by tweeting that the company was now offering free insulin. Incorrect, depressing and darkly hilarious.

Tesla goes rogue:

A screenshot of a parody tweet that reads

The electric car company that helped propel Musk to billionaire status has had its ups and downs, including three fatal motorcycle crashes.

OJ admits he did:

A parody tweet reads,

Not to be outdone, “Dave Chappelle” also has a confession.

Chiquita Bananas Holds Up:

A parody tweet of Chiquita brand bananas.

It’s a nod to the 1954 U.S.-backed coup in Guatemala in favor of United Fruit Co., now known as Chiquita Brands International.

AIPAC admits violence

A parody tweet reads,

AIPAC is the acronym for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee – it is a powerful pro-Israel lobby group that has spent millions on US elections. This is Israel accused of practicing apartheid against Palestinians living in parts of Jerusalem.

Rudy Giuliani supports Kyrie Irving and Kanye West

A parody tweet about Rudy Giuliani.

A former lawyer for Donald Trump and the frontman of the infamous Four Seasons presser, Giuliani’s parody (yes, he’s hard to parody) was accompanied by supporting anti-Semitic statements made by Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and the musician Kanye West, “because George Soros once pushed me into the street and I was stuck on my back like a turtle for several minutes. We’ll leave it at that.

Catholicism becomes real

A parody tweet featuring Pope Francis, Pope John Paul I and Martin Luther.

Fake parody accounts for historical leaders, including Pope Francis, have all converged to discuss social media use and facts from the historical past.

Musk occurred on Thursday evening, announcing that all user accounts engaged in parody must include the word “parody” not only in their account bio, but also in the account name. No one really listens to this – why would they – so Twitter itself cracked down on newly verified parody accounts, deleting tweets and disabling accounts left and right.

Meanwhile, he has suspended any new accounts from getting Twitter Blue, as the idea that the company intended to be a revenue generator now appears to be a lawsuit, or more, waiting to happen. Although the whole scene is hilarious for those of us watching from afar, Eli Lilly is a company that is not laughing: the company posted a real tweet from his official account acknowledging the fake account and trying to limit the damage, but his share price also fell 2.2% during the debacle.

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