Overwatch 2's new Halloween event has some great ideas and paltry rewards

Overwatch 2’s new Halloween event has some great ideas and paltry rewards

The first seasonal event for Surveillance 2 brings something new: a four-player cooperative PvE mode that plays as a preview of the replayable missions Blizzard plans to bring to the game next year. But the rest of Halloween Terror 2022 feels like Blizzard is reaching out, looking to squeeze more money from players – in a way that spoils one of Overwatch’s most beloved holiday-themed events. .

The co-op mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, is sort of a sequel to the wave-based horde mode of Halloween Terror’s past, and it’s pretty awesome. As Ashe, Junker Queen, Kiriko and Sojourn, players make their way through the streets of Adlersbrunn, a spooky redesign of the game’s Eichenwalde map. Wrath of the Bride launches waves of robot-like robots zombies, enemy versions of Winston (here as a series of vengeful gargoyles), Symmetra and Sombra on the four-player team, who search for the lord of the castle. A few light puzzle solving, spooky jumps, and a spooky encounter with Echo (playing the spooky puppet role) make Wrath of the Bride worth playing. This is a promising glimpse of Monitor 2It’s PvE.

But don’t expect much, if anything, in the way of exciting rewards for Overwatch’s annual Halloween take. Unlike previous years, where players could earn dozens of cosmetics, Wrath of the Bride pays out XP, voice lines, weapon charm, sprays, and more. Players receive a free Reaper skin to play during the event, as part of compensation for Monitor 2rock launch.

The other big component of Halloween Terror 2022 is the ability to purchase more skins for Monitor 2 hero. There are two Legendaries: Witch Kiriko and Executioner Junker Queen, and they cost 2,600 Credits and 1,900 Credits respectively. This equates to around $25 and $19, if one were to buy credits from the in-game store. Alternatively, you can, for example, play for the next 32 weeks, earning the maximum of 60 credits per week by completing weekly challenges, and hope the Junker Queen enforcer returns next Halloween. (Old Halloween Terror skins from the original Surveillance are also for sale, both singly and in sets.)

Unsurprisingly, the prices for these two marquee skins – which combined are more than the cost of the original Surveillance on PC – have been met with scorn by many Overwatch players and content creators. A popular sentiment from players on Blizzard’s own Overwatch forums is that Monitor 2The monetization style of “kills my enthusiasm for the game” and that even the paid offerings seem meager. Popular Overwatch Broadcaster Stylosa criticized the game’s pricing system on Twitter, and later ranted about skin prices in an impassioned YouTube video. The game’s subreddit is currently abuzz with anger over Blizzard’s monetization tactics, paltry Halloween event rewards, and high cosmetic prices – a source of furor since the free-to-play game launched. Blizzard last tweet The hype for the event mostly drew criticism over the cost of cosmetics.

It remains to be seen if any of these blowbacks will alter Blizzard’s plans for future events (or the cost of cosmetics). But with expensive skins dominating the conversation Monitor 2and Halloween Terror being previews of upcoming events, something may need to change eventually.

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