Overwatch 2 Players Are Hit With Server Errors After Latest Update

Overwatch 2 Players Are Hit With Server Errors After Latest Update

Sigma reaches for a login error screen.

I’m sorry, player, I’m afraid I can’t let you play this game.
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Currently there is a Halloween event going on for Monitor 2but a good number of players are facing another kind of terror: a previously known server error with the code “LC-208” seems to be hitting players disproportionately after the last update.

While server and connection errors often occur for online games, “Overwatch 2 Console Error LC-208” is currently plaguing a large number of console gamers, preventing them from connecting to servers and playing the game. Blizzard has its own stages for getting around this problem, because it has been around since the game launched, but not in such large numbers. Until Blizzard released a broader statement or additional hotfix, players discovered quirky and inexplicable ways to fix it, involving first logging into PC or loading into the game’s Firing Range and quit before initiating matchmaking, although these are not necessarily bulletproof ordinances.

Kotaku contacted Blizzard for comment but did not hear back before posting.

Since yesterday’s Halloween update, search results on Twitter, Redditand even Monitor 2its own forums began reporting countless reports of players being unable to enter the game. The issue, given the error code information, only appears to affect console players. Anecdotally, it seems to affect PS4 and PS5 players the most, although many Xbox players are also facing the error.

A common thread for the number LC-208 on the official Blizzard forums, with nearly 300 replies and over 2,500 views, begins with “LC-208’d after the Halloween event update.” I’ve never had a problem with this before. Unable to enter the game.” “I have tried everything to fix the connection error LC-208” Twitter user Phish (no, not the band) says. “I logged out of my Battle Net account, restarted my [router]restarted my game, used a different wireless connection, tried using ethernet and redownloaded the game and I still get LC-208.

They’re not alone, as countless Reddit tweets and threads read the same. Some have found non-optimal workarounds. Twitter user hatsune niiku reports getting around error LC-208 on console by entering the game’s firing range on PC, closing the game, and then logging into console. “It worked for me just now,” they say.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a gaming PC ready to try it out, nor is it a real solution to the problem. Blizzard recommends the following steps to resolve error LC-208. I hope it works for you:

If your console account is linked to your Battle.net account, you must have a BattleTag. If you have a BattleTag but your accounts are not linked, follow the login steps below to resolve the error.

Note: If your Battle.net account is connected to your console account, disconnecting and reconnecting it may resolve the error.

1. Check your network configuration for any issues with your firewall, router, or port settings.

2. Reset your network devices to make sure your router hasn’t been flooded with data.

3. If you are using a wireless connection, optimize your Internet connection to eliminate any connection problems.

4. Run the built-in connection test of your console (Playstation 4) (Xbox One) (Nintendo Switch).

5. Use your console’s web browser to run a Looking Glass test. This will help determine if the problem is between your console and our servers.

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