One of Street Fighter 6's coolest features comes with some unfortunate limitations, but it's an understandable choice by Capcom.

One of Street Fighter 6’s coolest features comes with some unfortunate limitations, but it’s an understandable choice by Capcom.

Street Fighter 6 looks set to be the most feature-rich and content-heavy game in the series’ 35-year history, but that doesn’t mean Capcom is adding everything fans could want. ask.

There’s one feature in particular that’s among the coolest we’ve ever seen in a fighting game, but it falls short of perfection for understandable reasons.

What I’m referring to is in SF6’s Battle Hub, although it’s not exactly about going up against other people.

The Game Center section of the hub is a nice genius inclusion by the developers to serve as a playable museum of Capcom’s history and give players more activities to do outside of battles without leaving SF6.

As announced a few months ago, Capcom is offering its classic arcade catalog for gamers to try out freely in SF6 lobbies, and the recent beta revealed more about how the feature actually works. .

Users can sit their avatars in a Game Center cabinet to choose from a rotating selection of Capcom titles that go beyond fighting games.

Selecting a title brings up a new menu that gives an impressive amount of detail about its release, genre, screenshots, high score, plot synopsis, and even its ROM version.

Additionally, players can then customize their control mappings on an individual game basis before embarking on the free play or ranked challenge.

The officially emulated Capcom classics included as a bonus in Street Fighter 6 seem like a good deal, so what’s the deal?

The only real negative of Game Center that we’ve seen so far (apart from not having control of the games available) is the lack of online play.

Much of the charm of a bunch of these arcade titles is co-op or against other people, but Capcom specifically says Game Center is “single-player content.”

Don’t expect Online to come in the full SF6 release either for a few key reasons.

First and foremost, Capcom already has other products that would be immediately invalidated by Street Fighter 6.

There’s no reason to really own the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection or the Capcom ‘Em Up Bundle if you could access many/most of the titles in one place and play online.

Plus, there’s the whole logistical problem of potentially running dozens of online servers for games emulated in another game’s lobby system.

Even without the availability of online play, we still think Game Center is a great way to flesh out the Battle Hub offerings in SF6 in ways that others can’t or won’t.

They open up new generations to a host of great games, which can then be further enjoyed with the amount of Capcom references and callbacks Street Fighter 6 makes throughout its presentation.

There’s always a competitive spirit included, given that players can battle for high scores, so it would be nice if Capcom could award players a special avatar or other cosmetic content for high scorers.

It looks like local multiplayer for these arcade games will at least be an option as there are control options included in the menu for 2 players in the applicable games.

Game Center will hopefully be a good way to take a break from intense matchmaking sessions while still being able to do so again where you can jump right back into the action when you’re ready.

As for the list of Capcom classics spotted so far, images and footage imply that Street Fighter 2, Final Fight, SonSon, Exed Eyes, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Vulous, Captain Commando, and Legendary Wings will be among those available in SF6. full release next year.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Game Center and what games you’d like to see included in the bonus feature.

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