NVIDIA Confirms There Are Two Manufacturers of 12VHPWR Power Adapter Cables - VideoCardz.com

NVIDIA Confirms There Are Two Manufacturers of 12VHPWR Power Adapter Cables – VideoCardz.com

There are two manufacturers of NVIDIA’s 12VHPWR connectors, and you should probably avoid one.

Igor’sLAB is working tirelessly to solve the 12VHPWR “melting” problem already reported by many users. The latest development is a discovery that there are two manufacturers of the official NVIDIA adapter cable and only one has problems so far.

The discovery is the result of a lengthy investigation that involved R&D teams from various board partners and NVIDIA themselves, as Gabriele Gorla (Director of Engineering at NVIDIA) was kind enough to share a few additional details. The company even provided a presentation that explains the differences between the two types of cables.

The official NVIDIA 600W cable that comes with all GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards is said to be made by a company called Astron or NTK, both are Taiwanese companies that compete with each other. Igor found that the NTK cable has a better latching system and uses a spring contact as opposed to Astron’s two spring contact design.

Astron x4 vs NTK x4 12VHPWR connector, Source: Igor’sLAB

Both adapters use the same “tulip” connector design. The NTK connector requires more push-in force.

12VHPWR connector types, Source: Igor’sLAB/NVIDIA

Astron cables are said to have lower durability and higher resistance than NTK cables, which would be measurable with proper equipment after 10 mating cycles. NVIDIA conducts its tests to measure how connection cycles affect resistance, which should not exceed 2 Ohms.

12VHPWR resistance/connect cycles, Source: Igor’sLAB/NVIDIA

Igor is not (yet) pointing the finger at Astron. The conclusion will require testing on a much larger scale than a single reviewer simply can’t do. So Igor is doing the second best thing he can do right now, which is providing a list of known issues, their causes, and possible solutions. This is something that NVIDIA has failed to do so far.

NVIDIA 12VHPWR Power Adapter Problems and Solutions (Igor’sLAB)
Problem Cause The solution
Ill-fitting grip,
direct connection not possible
injection molding,
Prominent casting residues
Light chamfering
with a cutter,
do not use contact grease!
Ill-fitting connector,
no snap at the end
injection molding,
Protruding molding residues,
Bad locking mechanism
Visual inspection by the user
hot contacts,
Fusion connector (1)
Curved tulip contact by
angled insert or
then move the connector
Cable or adapter replacement
hot contacts,
Fusion connector (2)
Bend the adapter or
power cable
Cable or adapter replacement
hot contacts,
Fusion connector (3)
All relevant causes Use ATX3 power supplies
with native 12VHPWR connector
or spare power cables
(set in each case)
Insufficient gripping surface for
the correct insertion into the
cooler design None
Insufficient gripping surface for
correct loosening of the
Connection without bending
cooler design None
Hot leads
between adapter
and power supply
Adapter with broken
solder joints or broken cable
Exchange adapter
Hot plugs/sockets
on the power side
PSU design too weak Replace the power supply

What’s interesting to note is that NVIDIA would use a dual 8-pin to 16-pin power adapter for its upcoming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti (so a third variant after 3×8 pin for 4080 and 4×8 pin for 4090 ). However, in this case, NVIDIA will not use Astron as the cable provider, confirms Igor.

Source: Igor’sLAB

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