No, the Eagles don't 'need' to lose a football game

No, the Eagles don’t ‘need’ to lose a football game

The Philadelphia Eagles have won all eight football games they have played this season. Another way to put it is that they haven’t lost yet here in 2022.



Yes, they’ve played nearly half a season (the 17-game schedule really destroys stories) and they haven’t lost a game yet. They only really came close to losing once or twice and even then it only took a long drive in the 4th quarter to seal a victory they apparently had in their hands at halftime. .

There was very little to complain about about the Birds. Fans and the national media aren’t quite sure what to make of it. After weeks at No. 3 in most power rankings, the Bills and Chiefs’ losses this week push the Eagles to No. 1, although I’d bet if Philadelphia were lined up to play Kansas City or Buffalo on neutral ground in At this time bettors would favor one of the two AFC powerhouses.

At the moment no one seriously thinks the Eagles will go 17-0, although with each passing week talk of a perfect record will grow louder. Nonetheless, the 1972 Miami Dolphins are likely safe, but the discussion will only grow given their upcoming schedule.

This Monday night against the 4-5 Commanders, the Birds are again double-digit favorites. They will be favored in Indianapolis against a Colts team that just fired their head coach and hired someone who has never coached football at any level above high school. They then host a 3-6 Packers team led by a QB in Aaron Rodgers who dropped out of his season. They should be 11-0 when the Tennessee Titans host the Birds in a few weeks, with games in New York against the Giants 6-2 and in Dallas against the Cowboys 6-2 waiting in the following weeks.

Again, the Eagles are unlikely to win their remaining nine games, but a narrative is being peddled by some NFL executives (whatever that means) that they would be “better off” if they did.

“I could see [the Eagles] being a one-and-done – they haven’t had to go 15 rounds with anyone yet,” an NFC official said. “I just wonder if they are combat tested. I think a few losses at the end of the season would really help them. An AFC executive added: “They live in the world of RPO with [Hurts], and it’s a good place to be. He has this system and a lot of talent around him and he should be able to handle the rest. (via ESPN+).

Would it be nice for the Eagles to lose a game at some point this season rather than go undefeated because if they win all of their games they won’t be battle tested?

Well, what if they play a ruthless game against the Titans and win? What if they go to New York and beat a Giants team 6-2? What if they went to Dallas on Christmas Eve and won that game too? Wouldn’t it be better to win the battles that will test them in the coming weeks?

They have already beaten the Vikings 7-1 at home. To be more precise, they beat them down. How does losing a game in stride really benefit the Eagles? What is the psychology behind this?

This team knows how to lose. They lost a lot of games last year. Jalen Hurts lost in humiliating fashion to Tampa in the wildcard round last year. It’s not battle tested?

The fact that they entered this race, after struggling and struggling to reach the playoffs last year, is a testament to the fact that they have been through some battles. Most of this Eagles 2022 squad carries over from last year. They know what losing means.

The Eagles need to beat the Titans, Giants, Cowboys and everyone else on their schedule because it’s in their best interests to do so. Of course, if it’s Week 17 and the Birds are 15-0, should they rest their starters as the guaranteed No. 1 seed? Sure. I don’t think they’re going to feel the pressure to stay undefeated. Hurts and the front office know the ultimate goal is a Super Bowl.

The last thing Eagles fans, or anyone else, want is for the Birds to go 17-0 and lose in the divisional round. But how does losing a game in the regular season make it less real?

This is not the case. Sometimes “important” people say things to pass themselves off as smart, but spout nonsensical gibberish.

If the Eagles coast the rest of the way, if they go undefeated, one way or another, it won’t have any effect on their ability to qualify for the playoffs. Expectations have already been raised. Anything short of a Super Bowl appearance at this point would be a huge disappointment whether they lose another game or not.

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