NFL betting: JJ Watt says he'll deal with punter who was robbed by bad call

NFL betting: JJ Watt says he’ll deal with punter who was robbed by bad call

When we bet on the NFL, we all had a short leg bet. We’ve also all lost bets to terrible officiating. It’s a hopeless feeling and sometimes we wish there was someone out there who could hear our case and then decide to reward us.

A bettor in Arizona placed a three-way bet on his hometown Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. He needed Arizona to win (they did), he needed a James Conner touchdown (he scored) and he needed an Arizona defensive touchdown.

The Cardinals’ win and James Conner’s touchdown was nice, but the majority of the parlay payout came from Arizona scoring a defensive touchdown. It was the leg least likely to hit. In total, the bettor risked $27.77. If all three legs hit, he would have profited just over $1,008.

The problem for the bettor is that Arizona didn’t score a defensive touchdown. However, they would have done so had it not been for a refereeing error. And with the bettor vexed by the call that cost him a thousand dollars, he reached out to someone who also felt robbed by the officiating error, Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt.

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOV 13: Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt sacks Rams quarterback John Wolford, #13, in the first half at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, CA on Sunday November 13, 2022. (Allen J (Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) The Rams lost 27-17.

JJ Watt took care of a fan who lasted a parlay thanks to a bad call in week 10 of the NFL season. (Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Watt should have had a scoop and score touchdown

Late in the second half of the Rams-Cardinals game, Rams quarterback John Wolford pulled back to pass. Myjai Sanders, a passing thrower for the Cardinals, came to Wolford and hit him, forcing the quarterback to spit the ball out. JJ Watt was in position to recover the fumble and drive 30 yards to the end zone.

There was no one in Watt’s sight. It would have been an easy scoop and score. However, unfortunately for Watt and the punter, officials initially ruled the play an incomplete pass. After reviewing the play, the officials rightly changed their call to a fumble.

The problem is that after a review, they couldn’t reward Watt with a touchdown. In an ideal world, they let this game continue, then revise it after letting everything play out. In this situation, Watt would have his scoop and scoring touchdown confirmed. However, after blowing the initial call, the best the officials can do is award the ball to the Cardinals at the spot of the initial recovery.

The bettor contacted Watt

The Cardinals held on to win the game, but their defense couldn’t find the end zone. After enduring a bad beat thanks to an official call, the punter, @JReyes92 on Twitter, decided to reach out to Watt for some sympathy. Watt saw the message and decided he would take care of the bettor.

We highly doubt Watt will send her a check for a thousand dollars. Maybe he’ll get an autographed football or jersey or something. Either way, it’s better than nothing, that’s what the bettor was going to get out of their bet originally. It’s also a cool story for the bettor to share.

It’s an elegant decision by Watt to take care of his fans. This punter was clearly just an average Cardinals fan who had faith in his team despite a rough start to the season.

These players are probably constantly bombarded by fans crying over their fantastic teams and bets. It’s nice to see Watt reacting positively and making the most of what was probably a frustrating streak for him as well.

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