Musk offers several gadgets to make Twitter profitable

Musk offers several gadgets to make Twitter profitable

Musk offers several gadgets to make Twitter profitable

Elon Musk’s strategy to make Twitter profitable as quickly as possible appears to be to turn Twitter into everything the platform isn’t, apparently ignoring much of what made the platform profitable in the first place. .

Instead of creating the town square where important public discourse is freely debated (which Musk claimed was his vision for Twitter), he is now taking steps to potentially skew discussions by filing unauthenticated accounts with freshly blue checks. granted above others in streams, not because they are the users with more informed or popular views, but because they are pretty much everyone who paid $8 this month- the. His other big ideas for generating profit would include fees for famous direct message users and fees to view OnlyFans-like videos posted by paid, verified users. Weighing these ideas, Musk is apparently willing to charge fees wherever he can and isn’t afraid to create paywalls between users and the content that arguably initially drew them to Twitter.

According to New York Times interviews with two people familiar with the matter and internal document reviews, Musk and his advisers discussed all of these strategies to monetize Twitter and deleverage the platform.

The first step into Musk’s Twitter world is the launch of “Twitter Blue,” a subscription service that costs $8 a month to verify users. According to The Times, this product will launch on November 7 for users in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It is expected that over 400,000 already verified users will have a brief interim period during which they will keep their blue checks. Then, at some indefinite time, those already verified users will eventually have to pay or lose the check.

These paying subscribers don’t just get a blue check, Twitter documents show. They would apparently also have access to other benefits, such as the ability to post longer videos and have their replies to other tweets ranked higher. That last perk usually happens anyway when a verified user’s answers get the most views and then the most likes, but now it’s yet another perk built into the blue check and then resold in the Musk era .

Beyond Twitter Blue, Musk’s strategy to turn Twitter into a moneymaker so far appears to revolve around videos, even directing staff to review code and explore the prospect of reviving Vine, the short video looping app that twitter killed in 2016. knows the history of twitter, this particular decision may raise an eyebrow, given that twitter only became profitable in 2017 after killing investments in products like Vine.

The other idea from Musk’s team is to keep creators happy by charging users a fee to watch videos. Twitter would likely take a slice of that revenue, banking on the idea that popular content creators would be financially motivated to help Musk keep users engaged as more content becomes paid.

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