Mexican model to face Weinstein trial after court revelation

Mexican model to face Weinstein trial after court revelation

A Mexican model and actress is due to speak in Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial on Wednesday – to face allegations that she lured and trapped one of the titan’s main accusers in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2013.

On Monday, a woman identified in court as Jane Doe 2 told jurors in Los Angeles Superior Court that she was invited to the Montague Hotel in February 2013 by Claudia Salinas under the guise of meeting Weinstein to discuss a storyline. which she was working on. Instead, Jane Doe 2 alleges that Salinas tricked her and Weinstein into a bathroom, where he groped her and masturbated in front of her.

“She was a girl that I thought was my new friend,” Jane Doe 2 told the jury Monday, describing how Salinas allegedly closed the bathroom door behind her and Weinstein. “So she gave me that look as she closed the door…I just couldn’t believe she would do this to me.” To another daughter. Because there is a girl code. You don’t do that.

After Weinstein was assaulted and ejaculated on the floor, Jane Doe 2 said she “saw Claudia Salinas” as she quickly exited the bathroom door.

“I gave him an evil look. She didn’t say anything. She looked at me. She had this devilish look. Like a smirk. Like she made me a part of something,” Jane Doe 2 added on Tuesday.

But jurors ahead of Weinstein’s second sex crimes trials are expected to hear Salinas’ side of the story on Wednesday, after prosecutors said she would be a government witness. After court on Tuesday, prosecutors revealed to Judge Lisa Lench that they plan to call Salinas to testify, but that her lawyers want her to invoke her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Thompson noted that the Salinas had previously denied Jane Doe 2’s claims in New York, where she testified on behalf of the defense. At the New York trial, where Weinstein was convicted of multiple sex crimes, Jane Doe 2 was an unindicted witness called to the stand to help prosecutors establish Weinstein’s pattern of predatory behavior.

Thompson noted that Salinas’ New York testimony was in no way incriminating and that he indicated to the Mexican model’s attorney that he had no intention of accusing Salinas of being an accomplice to the alleged crimes. of Weinstein.

“I can’t say he’s going to speak for every future prosecutor,” Salinas attorney Scott Rosenblum said.

“If we were going to charge her, we would have already charged her,” Thompson added, prompting the attorneys to agree that Salinas would be called back to court to testify on Wednesday.

Claudia Salinas is questioned by attorney Damon Cheronis during Weinstein’s sexual assault trial in New York Criminal Court in New York on February 10, 2020 in this courtroom sketch.

Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

While it’s not immediately clear what Salinas will say on the stand, the model candidly told a New York jury that she never closed the door behind Jane Doe 2. She said that even though the Montagues’ meeting had taken place, she insists they never went to Weinstein’s suite.

“That never happened,” Salinas said in 2020. “If I had done that, I would remember that. I would never close the door behind anyone, ever.

The model, however, admitted on the New York stand that she had previously told authorities she was unsure if Jane Doe 2 went to Weinstein’s hotel room after the trio met for drinks. , but pointed out that if anything happened, she was not present.

Salinas did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

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