Masters criticizes McConnell for campaign spending, says he shouldn't be Senate GOP leader

Masters criticizes McConnell for campaign spending, says he shouldn’t be Senate GOP leader

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters (R) slammed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Friday night, saying the top Republican should have directed more campaign spending to face Senator Mark Kelly (D) in 2022. midterm.

As of Friday night, Kelly led the state Masters by 51.6% and 46.3%, respectively, with 79% of the votes counted, according to The Associated Press. However, the race has yet to be called amid uncertainty over which party will control the upper house.

During an interview with Fox News, Masters told host Tucker Carlson that if a McConnell-aligned super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, had spent more money on the Arizona Senate race , the contest would now be over.

“The People Who Control the Purse Strings, The Senate Leadership Fund, Mitch McConnell – McConnell decided to spend millions of dollars attacking a fellow Republican in Alaska instead of helping me defeat Senator Mark Kelly “, said an animated master.

“If he had chosen to spend the money in Arizona, this race would be over, we would be celebrating a majority in the Senate right now,” he continued.

The Senate Leadership Fund withdrew ad spending from Arizona in August, a move that posed problems for the Trump-backed GOP Senate nominee less than three months after Election Day.

The PAC canceled its advertising reservations that were scheduled to air in Arizona between September 6 and October 3, according to AdImpact. The ad cancellation was worth $8 million, about half of what the band intended to spend in the state.

In September, the PAC confirmed it was cutting an additional $9.6 million in ad buys for the race between Oct. 4 and Election Day, but said at the time that a majority of the reservation had already formed by outside conservative groups.

On Friday, Masters went so far as to call on Senate Republicans not to vote for McConnell as GOP leader in the upper house, arguing he didn’t deserve the job.

“And so my message to the American people, my message to my, Republican senators, hopefully my future colleagues, let’s not vote for Mitch McConnell for leadership. He doesn’t deserve to be Majority Leader or Minority Leader,” Masters said.

Masters’ comments come after other Senate Republicans pointed the finger at McConnell after Republicans around the country failed to deliver the “red wave” expected by pollsters and lawmakers.

On Friday, Republican Senators Marco Rubio (Florida) and Josh Hawley (Mo.) called for a postponement of the Senate leadership election amid rumors that Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) would launch a long bid for the McConnell post.

Hawley told RealClearPolitics in an interview that “Washington Republicanism” and McConnell’s decision not to offer an alternative vision hurt the Republican Party on Election Day.

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