MAGA Media Dweebs Lose Their Sh*t On Lizzo Playing James Madison's Flute

MAGA Media Dweebs Lose Their Sh*t On Lizzo Playing James Madison’s Flute

Conservative media stars and far-right provocateurs found their latest round of outrage this week when pop superstar Lizzo delighted onlookers by playing a 200-year-old crystal flute that once belonged to the former President James Madison.

Rather than appreciating an accomplished, classically trained flautist showing a priceless piece of American history to her fans, right-wing pundits said Lizzo’s performance was an act of ‘soft totalitarianism’ intended to ‘degrade our history. “.

Before showing off the delicate instrument at a Tuesday night show in Washington, D.C., Lizzo was invited by the Library of Congress to view its collection of more than 1,700 flutes, including Madison’s, which was donated to the founding father. in 1813. as a gift from the French flute maker Claude Laurent.

After trying out the flute, she was allowed to play it briefly at her concert this week, with the National Library sending Capitol police and staff as security to monitor the rare artifact. Sharing the history of the flute with her audience, the “Truth Hurts” singer let the crowd know that she was “the first person to play it” and how “scared” she was doing it.

“It’s crystal. It’s like playing in a glass of wine, bitch, so be patient,” she said before carefully playing a note, making the crowd roar. Lizzo blew a few more notes, even throwing her trademark twerk as she performed.

“Bitch, I just twerked and played James Madison’s crystal flute from the 1800s. We just made history tonight! Lizzo said excitedly as she folded the flute above her head. “History is cool! »

While a large part of the online reaction and in the media was positive, the usual herd of right-wing scolds and knee-jerk reactionaries jumped all over the black megastar’s performance to suggest she was indicative of a further decline in society due to the revival.

“The Library of Congress really pulled out a 200-year-old flute that belonged to James Madison just for Lizzo to play with.” bitched Greg Price, a former Daily Caller editor turned GOP operative. “They degrade our history and then call you a racist if you actually like it.”

The Columbia Bugle, a popular MAGA social media account, raged over the Madison Crystal Flute-playing musician, to declare “we’re going to let Kid Rock ride Obama’s presidential portrait” if and when the Republicans regain the White House.

“A ritual of humiliation. They don’t care about our history,” the bugler wrote in another tweet. “They just want to mock and defile it.”

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, who predicted the American right would soon ‘choose a fascist’, took histrionism even further, pitting the arrest of an anti-abortion activist for assault against Lizzo playing d a crystal flute he most likely didn’t know existed before. yesterday.

“If you can figure out the connection between the raid on the home of a peaceful man who offered to surrender and an anti-American singer who twerks with James Madison’s flute, congratulations,” he posted. “You know what’s going on and what time it is.”

Matt Walsh, anti-trans activist and Daily Wire pundit, meanwhile, fumed that the “woke left” believes the performance “was a form of racial retaliation” and no doubt that is part of the reason the Library of Congress facilitated this show.

The bigoted podcaster casually further grumbled that Lizzo is a “morbidly obese weirdo in a thong” and that he “doesn’t care if it’s an honor for HER.” tell another twitter user it’s “not at all the point” that she was an “extremely gifted musician” who took an appropriate “level of care” when handling the instrument.

Walsh’s boss, conservative media kingpin Ben Shapiro, also brought a pseudo-philosophical take on the so-called scandal.

“This Lizzo-flute controversy is a perfect example of what I’ve called Face Tattoo Phenomenon™: the phenomenon where someone does something deliberately controversial in an attempt to get attention, then acts offended when you notice it”, he tweeted.

Shapiro, who seems to be perpetually offended by black pop musicians and rappers, then added“If all we saw was the clip of Lizzo playing the flute in the halls of the Library of Congress wearing a semi-modest outfit, everyone would have shrugged. But that’s not the clip that everyone called revolutionary: it was the clip where she was bragging about twerking.

Shapiro stirs up indignation for her Thursday podcast listeners, complaining that Lizzo was taking an instrument “that speaks to the kind of kindness of America’s founders” and placing it in a “vulgar context.” Driving that point home, he added, “It’s the popularization of American history.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Fox News has so far stayed away from this cycle of right-wing outrage. However, the conservative cable giant’s budding TV competitors jumped on it.

On One America News, the struggling pro-Trump conspiratorial channel that recently lost nearly all of its cable and satellite providers, host Kara McKinney insisted that Lizzo’s twerking was a harbinger of the death of democracy.

“Remember last night when we talked about soft totalitarianism, which is what so-called liberal democracy really is,” McKinney asserted Wednesday night. “Well, keep that in mind as you watch Lizzo poke fun at the Founding Fathers and their ideals.”

Newsmax host Jenn Pellegrino, herself a former OAN host, asked when there would be a ‘separation between entertainment and awakening’ as an on-air graphic blared: ” DESORÉ, JAMES MADISON”.

Claiming that “a lot of people are outraged,” Pellegrino also argued that “if you’re complicit in the liberal agenda,” then you’ll be “rewarded” with an honor like playing Madison’s crystal flute. The Newsmax star then turned to his guest, Turning Point USA contributor Jon Root, who said it was “superb and brave” for an “obese celeb who thinks she’s oppressed twerking” .

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