Kari Lake cuts Katie Hobbs lead

Kari Lake cuts Katie Hobbs lead

Democrat Katie Hobbs held a slim lead over Republican challenger Kari Lake on Sunday as the number of ballots remaining to be counted dwindles, making Lake’s path to victory more difficult.

Hobbs led Lake by just over 26,000 votes on Sunday night, with a narrow 1 percentage point gap between the two. The race was still too close to be announced, which means the suspense will continue.

As the day progressed, with more vote tallies across the state, Lake narrowed to Hobbs in the lead, who at one point Sunday was 36,000 votes.

Lake gained traction among voters in Maricopa County, where officials reported a big update of 97,000 votes overnight. Lake won the majority of those, over 54%, trimming Hobbs’ lead in the county and reducing it from about 57,000 votes to 48,500.

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