Jones: OBJ 'could look good' with Cowboys

Jones: OBJ ‘could look good’ with Cowboys

FRISCO, Texas — If free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is interested in joining the Dallas Cowboys, the club is doing its best to let him know the interest is mutual.

Speaking to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday, owner and general manager Jerry Jones supported the Cowboys’ current receiving body and passing game form, but added that Beckham “is someone we appreciate in the world. for who he is as a competitor and knowing that the Cowboys star on the helmet when he puts it on can be very beautiful.”

In eight games against the Cowboys with the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns, Beckham caught 40 passes for 558 yards and seven touchdowns.

On Monday, coach Mike McCarthy said he had “always been a huge fan of [Beckham]”, and former and current assistants on his team have vouched for him. Beckham is recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament suffered in the Super Bowl last season while playing for the Los Angeles Rams .

“From Ben McAdoo, Joe Whitt, all the guys from the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns, all the guys have nothing but good things to say about him,” McCarthy said. “I’ve always been so impressed with his ability to play football. I’ve heard so many great things about him over the years.”

No visit with Beckham has been scheduled so the team can see where he is in his recovery, but normally Jones is reluctant to talk about potential free agents for competitive reasons.

Beckham Complex said in a video tweeted on Sunday that when he signs with his next team, he would like it to be a multi-year situation. The Cowboys were one of four teams he mentioned.

“Whether it’s Buffalo, whether it’s calling Green Bay, the Cowboys, reuniting with the Giants, I want to be able to knock my last one down – not to mention I’ve only had three or four. [seasons] left – but the next three or four years into something where I can buy a house, like I can call this place home. I’m sick of living with two week suitcases, I’ve done the rock’n’roll life,” he said.

The Cowboys were in talks with the Houston Texans before last week’s trade deadline for wide receiver Brandin Cooks, but nothing materialized. They also had brief discussions with the Denver Broncos regarding Jerry Jeudy, sources say.

The Cowboys have the 25th passing offense and have yet to have a receiver for a 100-yard game this season. Jones said on The Fan that he thinks the passing game will improve, especially as Dak Prescott becomes more comfortable in his return from a broken right thumb. Jones said CeeDee Lamb gives the Cowboys everything they want as No. 1 receiver Michael Gallup, who tore his ACL last January and missed the first three games of the season, is improving every day and the addition of free agent James Washington is close to returning from a broken foot.

“I expect more efficiency. I expect not only to get the ball out quickly but also for Dak to be able to throw the ball on the move, but I see some on the pitch in the game of assists,” Jones said. “I like what we’re doing with our middle game with our tight ends… We’re just getting better at the receiver. We may or may not add something to the receiving body, but if we don’t, I like where we are.”

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