Jalen Hurts said he was "very grateful" to Doug Pederson

Jalen Hurts said he was “very grateful” to Doug Pederson

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters on Wednesday and talked a bit about his former head coach Doug Pederson and how grateful he is for his time with him. Hurts also explained his work ethic and his desire to continually improve.

Here’s what the quarterback had to say:

On Doug Pederson

“I’m very grateful to Coach Pederson and the time I spent with him. Obviously he takes a chance on me, he makes me an Eagle, so that’s something very special for me.

I’m glad he has another opportunity, and I’m glad he’s doing very well so far, coaching a very good Jaguars team. So I have a lot of respect for him. »

Hurts went on to say that it was really cool to have a former NFL quarterback as the league’s first head coach.

“It pays dividends for a quarterback to have someone who kind of saw the game or saw the game with your eyes.”

When asked if the two had spoken since Pederson left Philadelphia and what the head coach’s message to Hurts was, the QB noted that he didn’t have his phone with him, but that everything was love and respect. Hurts said there was a lot of mutual respect between them.

“[Pederson] I felt like he saw something in me and he just wanted to encourage me to keep going and stay the person I am and the player I am. Something along those lines.

On his work ethic

Earlier in the week, OC Shane Steichen said Hurts was still working in the building, and the QB said it had always been that way.

“It’s my comfort zone, my safe haven. Being here, being around the building, playing football, that’s what I do. That’s what I’ve always done. Ever since I was a kid , I’ve always been around the game, I’ve always been in the country house. So there’s a thrill of being able to play this game, do this game, learn about this game, and I’m just strives to try to take action in all areas every day, and I do that here.

He often talks about not reaching the standard he has set for himself, or that of the team, and admitted that it all depends on the journey, not so much on the destination. There will always be something to improve.

Hurts later said his desire to continually improve was a reflection of the team’s leadership. He made it clear that he was not trying to be perfect.

“I’m not looking for perfection, I’m just looking for progress.”

On his post-match speeches

“It’s very difficult to win in this league. So as hungry as I am, as hungry as we are as a football team, as eager as we are to play our level of the ball consistently, at a consistent pace throughout all four quarters of the game of football, I will not fail to recognize how nice it is to feel the feeling of victory and how difficult it is to feel that feeling.

He noted that winning is difficult and they have to take that into account.

Other notables

  • Hurts said he was more comfortable with some of the checks they were doing, and that’s just something that comes with that. He said he preaches everyone being on the same page, teammates and coaches, and then they’re able to execute — whatever comes with time.
  • As for what he likes to lead or the staff he prefers, Hurts said he likes anything that works. He likes efficiency and positive plays, so whatever they do that works is what he likes to do.

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