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Hugh Jackman begins training for Deadpool 3 (Photos)

Even with a full slate of upcoming MCU Phases 5 and 6 projects, including two new Avengers outings arriving in 2025, Dead Pool 3 took center stage in a massive way. This comes when Ryan Reynolds confirms that Hugh Jackman is set to bring his portrayal of Wolverine to the MCU for one final spin alongside the Merc with a Mouth.

Additionally, Reynolds confirmed that Dead Pool 3 hits theaters on September 6, 2024, leaving just under two years until Merch with the Mouth and Wolverine bring their talents to the MCU. This means that filming will almost certainly begin sometime in 2023, which also gives fans some time to know when to expect more updates from the cast and crew on story details and from production.

And now, with Jackman now ready to get the claws and mutton chops back on, he’s also heading back to the gym to regain the fitness he’s had for so long in the Fox movies.

Hugh Jackman is gearing up for the MCU debut

Marvel star Hugh Jackman took to Instagram to share an image revealing he’s now training for his highly anticipated return as Wolverine in Dead Pool 3.

This comes just under two years before the release of Marvel Studios’ untitled trio, in which he will make an impressive 10th appearance as James Howlett alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson.

The photo shows Jackman already lathered in sweat with his biceps highlighted, and it includes a large caption reading “work in progress.”

Hugh JackmanInstagram

Jackman also posted an Instagram reel with the caption “Thus begins the story”. The first photo from the reel shows the Wolverine star smiling as he uses a workout machine.

The direct image

The second photo on the reel is a black and white shot of Jackman in a crouching position.

The direct image

These photos come two months after Reynolds shared a similar update on his own Instagram page, noting that he was back in the gym getting in shape for his role as Wade Wilson with a series of photos alongside his coach.

The direct image

Jackman ready for the MCU moment in Deadpool 3

In the 17 years Hugh Jackman played Wolverine between the 2000s x-men and 2017 Logan, he stayed diligent with his workout routine to make sure James Howlett looked the best he could on screen. Now, after what will be a seven-year hiatus from the role, the Marvel veteran already looks like he hasn’t lost a step from a training standpoint.

While it’s unclear how big Jackman will be for his comeback now that he’s in his early 50s, he’ll surely do the work he needs to make sure Logan is a force when he steps in. in the universe of the Avengers. After that, the big question is what will happen in the story, with Reynolds and Jackman sharing no information for the foreseeable future.

Now that Jackman is in the gym, it’s likely there will be at least six weeks to a few months before filming, during which time more story information will come to light.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick announced that Wade Wilson would end up in a “A Fish Out of Water” story, with him and Jackman’s Logan finding themselves in an uncharted part of the multiverse. While only time will tell what other details will add to this story, Jackman and Reynolds will be busy in the gym making sure they get back into superhero shape for their MCU introductions.

Dead Pool 3 will be released in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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