How Does Harvestella Compare to Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, and Rune Factory

How does Harvestella compare to Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, and Rune Factory?

With HarvestelleSquare Enix tosses its hat into a ring of farming life simulations with RPG elements that include story of the seasons (a.k.a harvest moon), rune factoryand Stardew Valley. Which might make someone wonder how it compares. Much of the gameplay is similar or akin to what people remember. However, there are some things unique to him that help him stand out.

How does Harvestella compare to Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley and Rune Factory

What is Harvestelle Agriculture as compared to History of Seasonsn, Stardew Valleyand rune factory?

In general, the cultivation of crops in Harvestelle will very much want to do it in Story of the Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Stardew Valleyand Rune Factory 4 Where 5. You cultivate the land. Then you plant a seed. You will get one item, even if several appear on the screen. (Cucumbles is a good example, as you’ll see more than one grow, but only harvest one each time.) Crops can grow in specific seasons, with some available almost all the time and others limited to a specific time of year. .

Like other games in the genre, you will be able to craft creators. For example, recipes for creating animal feed, flour and juice makers will be some of the first you will earn. Once you’ve crafted one, you can place them out in the open on your farm and use them as needed. Since you can place creators, there is a slight customization when deciding how your farm looks. However, you will not be able to create personal spaces as detailed as those of Stardew Valley.

Animal husbandry is not as important in Harvestelle like in other games. After finding your first Conellu Doll in Higan Canyon by heading to Aria with Dianthus and Unicorn, you will come across a Conellu Doll. This spawns the Conellu Emporium in Lethe Village. If you build livestock pens, you can start raising Cluffowls to get eggs or Woolums to get milk. Instead of a horse, you can ride a Totokaku.


What is Harvestelle‘s Dungeon-Crawling Like Compared To rune factory and Stardew Valley?

As for the action-RPG elements, Harvestelle can feel a lot like rune factory! It is more advanced though, with more detail in player avatars. There will be no agricultural land tied to certain seasons in the Harvestelle “dungeon” areas, as in some rune factory Games. Additionally, although there may be “mining” points as in Stardew Valley, they work a bit differently. The one thing all three games have in common is that they are action RPGs once you head into a dungeon.

As rune factory, dungeons here may have certain gadgets. For example, Higan Canyon is an autumnal forest with bridges to fix and root bridges to cross. Heaven’s Egg is a futuristic space with special wind crystals that you can interact with to cross currents through gaps and vine barriers that can only be withered with potions found in nearby chests.

HarvestelleThe character development of is much more advanced than that of other games. As your abilities and skills passively progress through rune factory how you use them is very different here. Your gained experience can lead you to level up at the end of the day. Your avatar gains new classes by encountering certain party members, which affects their attacks and abilities. Three of these tasks can be equipped at once, and you can switch between them on the fly. You earn labor points by fighting with this class, allowing you to choose new skills from the skill tree.

Here’s the fun thing about Harvestelle…it’s actually a bit like Etrian Odyssey! When exploring a dungeon, you may come across a sparkly location. This leads to a text event that can grant you an item, affect your health, or result in an encounter. There are also the Harvestelle FEAR, which is the game’s equivalent of a Etrian Odyssey FOE These monsters are at a much higher level than usual, follow a certain predetermined path and should be avoided until you are strong enough to face them.

How does Harvestella compare to Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley and Rune Factory

What are Harvestelle Relations as with respect to story of the seasons, rune factoryand Stardew Valley?

Okay, first of all, there’s a relationship element and a bit of romance in Harvestellejust like you would find in games like story of the seasons, rune factoryand Stardew Valley. Not all of these companions will join you as an ally for dungeon excursions. Additionally, depending on how relationship building works, you’ll need to progress through the story and complete character-specific quests to get to know people better. True romance doesn’t appear until late game areas, so much of the game involves building a foundation with other characters. (However, those who become your allies will be able to unleash joint attacks with you in battle, just like in Rune Factory 5.)

Harvestelle also manages relations with the inhabitants of the city differently. There are several villages that your avatar will visit in the world. Each will only feature at least two characters with portraits, with whom you will form meaningful bonds. The other people will be NPC villagers who won’t get their own character portraits or as much development. However, some of them have their own side quests. For example, the village children of Lethe, Van and Vent, fear that they have upset their playmate Milika. Their side quest may involve helping to mend the link. However, this also leads to the discovery that something else is going on with Milika that threatens the trio’s bond. So even though not every villager will have a portrait and an elaborate story, as in Story of Seasons, Rune FactoryWhere Stardew Valley, there is still development for these auxiliary actors. It’s almost more like a JRPG when it comes to interacting with community members who aren’t important enough to join your party or get a character portrait.

So true, Harvestelle does a pretty good job of defining itself as its own thing, while still relying on familiar staples that other farming sims have. It definitely taps into what made the show love rune factory and story of the seasons special. But there are some distinctive features that accentuate its RPG elements.

Harvestelle is available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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