House GOP pushes for leadership election despite post-midterm disarray

House GOP pushes for leadership election despite post-midterm disarray

Importantly, the conservative group is not fully involved in the nascent anti-McCarthy plan – although President Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) is involved – and it could fail altogether. McCarthy’s allies have long been weary of Freedom Caucus intrigue, dating back to the right flank’s role in destroying his dreams as president seven years ago.

“These stories of palace intrigue are premature and they still count the votes. What I can tell you for sure is that Mr. Jordan is looking forward to chairing the next Judiciary Committee Congress,” Jordan spokesman Russell Dye said when asked to comment on the plan. Anti McCarthy.

A spokesperson for Perry did not immediately return a request for comment on the plan, the second phase of which is more closely held than the first.

McCarthy’s supporters point out that he is unlikely to go quiet if the Freedom Caucus tries to push him back into crisis. When he stepped down from the presidential claim in 2015, he said he did so “for the good of the conference”. This time the supporters will encourage him to push back any resistance.

It may not come into full effect on Tuesday, but McCarthy could face real static as the House majority remains uncertain despite lofty predictions of a “red wave.” And things will only get more bitter as Republicans move to elect their next No. 3.

Whips, cracked

There are currently no signs of an internal problem for McCarthy’s No. 2 rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who would become majority leader in a GOP house. The race for the majority whip is another story.

Three strong contenders are vying for the role of whip, the highest-ranked open leadership position in years. Representatives. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) Sprinting for support ahead of Tuesday’s scheduled vote — including pledges if the vote goes to a runoff, which many Republicans see as the secret to the former president’s early rise John Boehner.

The first stage will take place on Monday, when GOP lawmakers can hear from all three candidates and ask about their backgrounds. As House GOP campaigns chief, Emmer may be pressured by the party’s disappointing midterm performance, which resulted in far fewer pickups than the dozens of seats previously forecast.

Emmer’s allies insist he can win even if a majority remains unsettled, having won seats two cycles in a row as head of the Republican National Committee of Congress. Ferguson, the current chief deputy whip, warns members that he will have the least steep learning curve in the job, which will likely come in handy with tighter margins.

And Banks, the chairman of the Republican study committee, has sought to cast himself as the more conservative option, loudly broadcasting his close ties to Trump’s world.

Voting will be by secret ballot, providing members with some protection from outside scrutiny.

A favorite at No. 4

The other contested battle for House Republican leadership is that for conference speaker. representing Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.) is widely seen as close to winning a second term in the GOP messaging role, though she had to campaign harder than expected for it amid a challenge from the member’s representative. of the Freedom Caucus. Byron Donald (R-Fla.).

One of the two Black House Republicans, Donalds, said his challenge was less about Stefanik and more about offering an alternative to members who want to go in a different direction from the current slate. He also presents himself as someone who can inspire younger and more diverse converts to conservatism.

Stefanik, the top-ranked woman in the Republican leadership of Congress, argues that she has the experience and solid marks for her handling of conference messages after the party hired her to replace the ousted representative of the critic of Trump. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.).

Jordan Carney contributed to this report.

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