Hope celebrates with Thomas as Liam paces the cabin - and Bill does a play for Brooke

Hope celebrates with Thomas as Liam paces the cabin – and Bill does a play for Brooke

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas pops the bubbly and Zende gets excited to go through every bottle of champagne. Douglas asks for it, so Hope produces apple cider to fill his glass. Eric, with Donna and Ridge by his side, toasts Thomas and Hope and their resounding success. “Forrester Creations’ All-New Dream Team! Cheers!” They all clink glasses.
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At the cabin, Liam tells Bill that Beth really wanted to see her mother tonight but there has been no word from Hope. Brooke arrives. She just got back from Forrester and reports that the line was a hit and that Hope was absolutely gorgeous. Brooke was surprised that Liam wasn’t there to witness his daughter’s success for himself.

At Steffy’s, she and Finn are in bed with Kelly reading books. Steffy tells him all about the beautiful models and Finn says the night was amazing. “Hope and your brother are a very good team.” Steffy promises to take her daughter to the next fashion show and they will dance together. Kelly goes to her own room and Finn and Steffy ponder the big day for Forrester… and Hope and Thomas. They talk about Kelly’s enthusiasm for the fashion show and her future with the company as they canoodle. Finn would have liked to be there and is glad the preview went off without a hitch. Steffy mused, “Almost.” She tells Finn that Liam wasn’t there.

At the cabin, Brooke tells Liam that it was a very big day for her daughter. Bill adds that he wasn’t there because he couldn’t stand seeing Thomas’ slimy hands on his wife. He fumes that Liam is a better man than him; he would have knocked the guy’s head off his shoulders. Brooke asks Liam, “What is he talking about?” She learns that Thomas and Hope kissed and doesn’t understand how she allowed this. Bill explains how he made his way through his life. Liam can’t forget the look on his wife’s face when Thomas said there was nothing they couldn’t do together. Bill states that they must find a solution – the more time Thomas spends with Hope and Douglas, the more his family is in danger.
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas and Hope interact with Douglas and across the room, Zende, Ridge and Eric marvel at the beautiful little family they are. Donna isn’t sure Liam would agree. Across the living room, Douglas smiles as his dad tells his mom she’s breathtaking.

Zende calls for a toast and tells Thomas that he is inspired by his talent and that Hope is an endless source of inspiration. He is proud to be part of the team. They assure him that he played a big part in the success. Zende agrees with Eric that they could be Forrester Creations’ next dream team. They all clink glasses.
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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that his hands are magic as he rubs his feet. He mused, “Not just my hands.” She smiles. They start talking about Liam’s absence again. Steffy thinks it’s because of Thomas. She then wonders why they are talking about Hope and Liam. They start kissing.

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At the cabin, Brooke tells Liam it’s not like Hope isn’t checking in – maybe he should go to Eric’s. Liam can’t stand to see another moment between her and Thomas and he doesn’t want to ruin his big night. Bill fumes that it’s nice and all, but Thomas is with his wife while he looks at his phone. “You have to do something!”
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At the Forrester mansion, Donna compliments Hope and jokes about having to work with Pammy before telling Thomas that her designs were pretty amazing. Thomas credits Hope for the inspiration, but Eric urges him to accept the compliment. Ridge raves that his son works hard – he should be proud of him. He thanks Hope for creating Hope For the Future and thinks it’s not just a line; it’s his kindness. She didn’t turn her back on Thomas like so many others have. He feels they make a great team, not just at work, but as parents. They all clink glasses again and Thomas smiles at Hope.

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We pretty much know what Thomas’ hope is for the future!

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At Brooke’s, she worries about Bill leaving Liam alone. Bill feels his son needs to think about how he wants to handle the situation without their voice in his ear. Brooke worries about their marriage. Bill assures her that they will be fine; they always do. He questions her about not being at Eric’s party with Hope. Brooke says it would be a little painful to see Ridge there. She doesn’t know why he left. Bill says that’s what he does and he’s a jerk – he would never let her go. Brooke likes Ridge. Bill replies that if she let him, he could make her very happy. “We were amazing once, and we could be amazing again.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Thomas and Hope that he is going back to the office. He kisses Hope and leaves. Thomas tells the blonde it’s all because of her. He’s done horrible things in the past, but she started believing in him even before he could believe in himself. Hope always knew he could do it and gushed about the showstopper. Thomas recaps that he was inspired by her – she and her line are beautiful. Hope gets a call from Liam, who tells her how happy he is that the show was a success. He wants to talk, but she informs him that she is celebrating tonight and doesn’t want to talk about it. She will put Douglas in her bed and then celebrate a little longer. Liam guesses correctly that she’s with Thomas and growls, “Uh huh, I told you so.” Hope lets him go. Thomas reminds her that it’s their time. “Tell me you won’t leave right away.”

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