A screengrab showing a Google Imagen AI tool

Google finally goes public with its amazing AI imaging tool – sort of

The battle of AI art generators has intensified as big tech giants enter the ring. While the space is currently dominated by DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, Microsoft, Meta, and Google have all announced text-to-image (or text-to-video) tools on the way. Now Google has just made its offer public – or at least part of it.

Google first gave us a glimpse of Imagen, its AI image generator, in May with the release of a proof-of-concept document and the launch of a website showcasing some of the tool’s results. He just released limited features of the tool to the public – and they’re oddly specific (for more on how AI art generators work, check out our article on using DALL-E 2).

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