Georgia football: Rookies break down exactly what they loved about Tennessee’s big win

They all had a lot of fun too. DawgNation chronicled the responses of some of the many top UGA prospects and commitments that were at that game. The guys were asked variations of the following questions about their time in Athens.

  • What will they always remember?
  • What stood out?
  • What was their favorite part?
  • Will Georgia have everrrrrrybody?

Their answers (well, except for this last one) will all follow below.

  • Undecided All-American LB Tyler Atkinson (2026): “It was a great feeling in me. I can not explain it. The energy was crazy for the big game of the top two teams. There were plenty of top 5 star players that I was able to talk to and relax with. The coaches took the time to talk to me a lot. It was important to me because a lot of older guys were there. Then Nolan Smith and Nakobe Dean took time with me at this big game, it was huge. I admire these two. I watch what they do to be their best and how they improve their teams.
  • Undecided OL 4 stars Daniel Calhoun (2024): “They played really well. The offensive line marked me. It’s the loudest I’ve ever heard in Athens.
  • Undecided 4 stars ATH KingJoseph Edwards (2024): “Everything they do is awesome. The Georgian defense was aggressive from the start. The Vols have one of the best receivers in college football and they contained him all game. Very effective defense.
  • Georgia Monroe Freeling’s 4-Star OT Commitment (2023) on what he will always remember: “When it started to rain, everyone got together and got stronger. That’s when everyone really started to get into it, it was great!
  • Georgia AJ Harris 5-Star CB Commitment (2023): “I’m ready to be a ‘Dawg and take a spot in this high school. I can’t wait to play in this atmosphere.
  • Georgia Yazeed Haynes 3-Star WR Commitment (2023): “What impressed me the most was the efficiency of the offense in the first half. The run-and-pass game was shaping up very well. I was also impressed with the defense and how they ended the offense for Tennessee. I also loved the atmosphere of the stadium.
  • Undecided 4-star QB Antwaan Hill Jr. (2025): “It was a great atmosphere there on Saturday. I liked it.”
  • More Hill on his favorite part of the game: “When Stetson ran it for the first TD and flexed his muscles.”
  • EDGE 5 stars undecided Eddrick Houston (2024): “The environment and the sound level of every aspect of the game struck me. Every third and how loud the crowd was got to me. Everything on [it] was great from the atmosphere to then being able to talk to the coaches.
  • Georgia Jamaal Jarrett’s 4-Star DT Commitment (2023): “The rain wasn’t going to stop us from screaming for our ‘Dawgs.”
  • More from Jarrett (2023): “The atmosphere was the best I’ve ever seen. The defense showed that’s what stood out to me. Lots of guys got fired. Joshua Miller and I were lit all the time and also got the hype from the student section.had fun in the rain.
  • Uncertain WR 3 stars Amari Jefferson (2024): “I had a wonderful visit. I love the atmosphere and the level of competition. Georgia is the best of the best. The crowd was bananas. It was really a great experience.
  • Undecided All-American QB Julian “Ju Ju” Lewis (2026): “The fans and the energy in the stadium was special”
  • CB 5 stars undecided Ellis Robinson IV (2023): “I don’t know if my feelings for Georgia can get any stronger. Getting the chance to see this defense live and see them dominate like they did just confirmed who the best team and coaching staff in college football is.
  • OT/DE 5 stars undecided David Sanders Jr. (2025): “It was amazing. At the moment, I couldn’t even describe exactly how I felt. I was just happy to be considered one of the best players to be invited there. This experience was unlike anything else for sure. I was just glad I could be there. »
  • Undecided unrated OL Cortez Smith (2025): “They said they were going to abuse Tennessee before the game and they did. The O line is definitely growing into a complete beast.
  • OT Mason Short 5 Star Undecided (2025): “It was an amazing atmosphere. Their guys handled business like they usually do.
  • ATH 5 stars undecided Cameron Sparks (2025): “The energy that the crowd gave off was on a whole new level. I also thought Georgia’s defense played very well. Especially while lining up against one of the best offenses in college football.
  • Georgia Sacovie White’s 3-Star ATH Commitment (2024): “Just the vibe was great. The fans really won the game for us.
  • Georgia Raylen Wilson’s 4-Star LB Commitment (2023): “The energy between the hurdles was like no other this weekend. The defense performed very well against the No. 1 attack.
  • Commitment Georgia PK Peyton Woodring (2023): “It was awesome. The defense showed up and calmed them down quickly and the attack ran with it. The energy in the stadium was unreal.
  • 5 Star Undecided S Peyton Woodyard (2024): “I enjoyed the defensive scheme used by the Georgia defense to slow down the Tennesee attack. I loved how Georgia flew on defense as a whole and the defensive backs really stood out for me because they were smart and physical.
  • More Woodyard (2024): “Amazing game day experience. It was so strong and the fans are dedicated. Even in the rain.”

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