Stephan’s Quintet as imaged by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Gas cloud 20 times larger than Milky Way may have been left behind by cosmic intruder, study finds

Scientists have discovered a gigantic trail of gas from a quintet of warring galaxies. The mysterious gas cloud – the largest ever seen around a group of galaxies – may have been left behind by a ‘cosmic intruder’, a new study reveals.

The cloud – an unexplained stream of hydrogen gas 2 million light-years away from the galactic group known as Stephan’s Quintet – was discovered in the deepest-ever scan of the region by the spherical telescope at opening of five hundred meters (FAST) in China. Researchers believe that the gas trail,, could be “tidal debris” formed after the whirlpool galaxies collided with a large cosmic intruder about 1 billion years ago.

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