Fans React to Margot Robbie's Early Career Photos: 'Nobody's a Natural in the Business Anymore'

Fans React to Margot Robbie’s Early Career Photos: ‘Nobody’s a Natural in the Business Anymore’

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie has always been considered a natural beauty, as we’ve seen her blossom from a teenager to Neighbors to an Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress. However, we didn’t realize how much his face had changed over the years until before and after side-by-side comparison pictures were posted on social media, and we have to admit we were pretty shocked by the difference between some of its features!

Margot Robbie Before And After Pictures

Instagram account @_celebrities_before_after_ posted some photos of the 32-year-old Me Tonya fresh-faced teen star right next to the newer ones, and the difference is mind-blowing!

Margot’s eyes are much bigger now

The first, and most obvious, difference is in Margot’s eyes, as they appear smaller and more closed compared to the larger, more open images of recent years. They look almost completely different in shape, which has fans wondering what cosmetic treatments she could have done to achieve such a difference in appearance!

Margot’s lips don’t seem to have changed

The Once upon a time…in Hollywood aThe actress’ lips, for what it’s worth, don’t seem to have changed much over the years, which is a huge change from the rest of her peers, who almost always opt for lip fillers and lip fillers. other treatments to give yourself a pout plumper. Margot’s lips were already extremely voluminous even at the start of her career, so we understand why she didn’t want to play with perfection.

Did Margot Robbie get her nose done?

Her nose, however, is something that has been widely debated in the comments section, with some fans wondering if she had done any work as it started out as a cute button nose but the shape changed slightly over the years, while others insisted it was just about better makeup, i.e. contouring and highlighting, as well as aging.

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Margot Robbie plastic surgery speculation

According The daily mail, a leading cosmetic clinic revealed in 2020 that Margot’s face was the most requested by women who came for non-surgical procedures (wow!) – as was Margot’s face for non-surgical (and even surgical) procedures ), or is it all natural? The suicide squad The star’s fans had *lots* of thoughts on what she could have done in the comments section, with one fan writing, “Eyelids for sure…” and another suggesting her looks came down to “Blepharoplasty , elimination of buccal fat , weight loss.”

“No one is natural in the business anymore. No one,” one Instagram user commented. “His nose was way better before,” one fan wrote, followed by a sad face emoji. “The nose job is obvious. She still looks gorgeous,” another commented, followed by the heart eyes emoji. “Has she lowered the tip of her nose? Usually people do the opposite. She’s stunning,” added another. “Browlift and a non-surgical nose job, done with fillers,” another fan thought.

Weight loss and aging

Many other fans thought the Mary Queen of Scots star simply lost her baby fat, and her transformation was due to weight loss and aging. “Honestly I just think it’s weight loss…she’s beautiful,” wrote one fan, while another confirmed, “She hasn’t done anything. She’s just aged. So pretty.” “She’s grown up. You lose your pimple nose when you mature,” another fan said. “I think she just grew up, lost some puppy fat and learned to put on makeup to fit her face better,” another fan said. “Looks like she mostly loses collagen with exercise and aging. She looks almost the same,” another noted.

Margot talks about her cosmetic procedures

While the The wolf of Wall Street the actress hasn’t been very open about whether she’s had plastic surgery, there’s one cosmetic procedure she’s *admitted* to – and it has to do with her Hollywood smile! Margot admitted to seeking help from a cosmetic dentist, revealing: “I actually have two retainers, one for my lower teeth which is for grinding and one for my upper teeth which is just for grinding. that my teeth don’t move.” We guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for confessions about other treatments!

Margot’s professional transformations

While fans will have to settle for speculating what work she may or may not have done over the years, there’s no doubt that Margot is a true chameleon and has undergone huge transformations for some of her film roles. . Here are some of our favorite picks:

harley quinn

One of our favorite Margot movie transformations came when she stepped into the role of Harley Quinn for The Suicide Squad.

Queen Elizabeth I

In addition to donning a red wig for her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the biopic, Mary Queen of Scots, Margot also had to wear a prosthetic nose and paint her face white for the transformation – perhaps her most unrecognizable movie transformation yet!

Tonya Smith

Margot had to wear prosthetics on her chin, cheeks, nose, under her eyes and around her neck when she played Tonya Harding in Me Tonya. She looked and played the part so well; no wonder she was nominated for an Oscar!


Ok, this one isn’t as dramatic as some of the others, but we wanted another excuse to watch Margot as Barbie while we wait for the movie to come out! We can’t wait!

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