F2P Fantasy ARPG Tower of Fantasy Releases Massive Game Update

F2P Fantasy ARPG Tower of Fantasy Releases Massive Game Update

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Those looking for a new ARPG fix need look no further than the free-to-play Tower of Fantasy title. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, Tower of Fantasy is a shared-world ARPG set in the distant future after humanity has settled on a new planet. Players will explore this planet and get sucked into a story of searching for their missing twin while narrowly avoiding different monsters and enemies.

Similar to titles such as Guild Wars 2, Tower of Fantasy contains a large open world with multiple regions and biomes. With third-person combat, players will be immersed in the alien planet of Aida through colorful graphics and stunning vistas. A compelling narrative is peppered with full voice acting for each character. Along with having single-player content, tons of PvE and PvP options are available to expand the game beyond its story campaign.

Tower of Fantasy originally released in China last December, but made its way west in August. Available for direct download from the game’s official website and downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, PC gamers received a new option when the game was added to Steam on October 20, 2022.

Along with its release on Steam, Tower of Fantasy has been updated to version 2.0. This new update included the “Vera” expansion, which added two new regions, an all-new story with new characters, additional world bosses, new instances and raids, all-new gear, and end-exclusive challenges. portion. Players will traverse a cyberpunk city, irradiated wilderness, and face off against a mysterious faction called the “Gray Space Entities”.

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In the Desert Gobby, players will face the fearsome Magma monster. Magma is a giant crocodile-like machine with a history dating back to before the Aida Cataclysm (the event that kicks off the story of Tower of Fantasy). With hard scales on his body, players will need to bring their strongest weapons to fight with him.

If that wasn’t enough, players in the West will finally be able to take on the murderous Rudolph. Although his funny name and reindeer appearance might give you a false sense of security, Rudolph won’t be carrying a sleigh full of goodies. Created by Mirroria’s science and technology department, this creature will ram players and trample them as it seeks to annihilate all resistance.

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After dealing with these mobs, players will likely travel to the brand new town of Mirroria. Adopting a cyberpunk aesthetic, Mirroria presents itself as a respite for the survivors of Aida. Containing places as luxurious as the Oasis Club and the Mirafleur Hall Hotel, Mirroria should prove to be a new gathering center for you and your friends. When you’ve had your fill of pretty sights, be sure to tackle the exciting new endgame boss, The Puppet Singer, who can be found deep within Mirroria’s many nooks and crannies.

Finally, the brand new Greyspace PvE location is traversable with a ton of new mobs to engage. In connection with the new plot, players wandering through gray space will frequently encounter Abyss Weavers, an inexplicable monstrosity that can summon doppelgangers to fight alongside it. These are only overcome by the Abyssant Devourers, a whale-like enemy that feasts on its foes to sate its hunger.

All this and more awaits you in Tower of Fantasy. With no cost to start playing and a ton of content planned for the future, this thrilling and brilliant ARPG just might be your next favorite game. Available on iOS, Android, and PC, there’s no better time than now to jump in and explore.

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