Eagles stats: 10 stunning Hurts numbers

Eagles stats: 10 stunning Hurts numbers

The big dilemma every time I sit down to put together our weekly Eagles 10 stats is how many Jalen Hurts stats to include.

Because I don’t want to sacrifice the rest of the team, but Hurts has been so incredibly good so far this year that there’s still a ton of Hurts stats that I can’t include.

What a dilemma!

The solution? It’s a long week, so we’re going to do one of each. Today is our 10 Jalen Hurts Eagles stats and then in a few days we will be releasing our 10 non-Jalen Hurts Eagles stats!

1. Jalen Hurts is the 3rd youngest quarterback in NFL history to lead a team to an 8-0 start. Hurts was 24 years and 88 days old when the Eagles beat the Texans on Thursday night. The only younger QBs to go 8-0 are Dan Marino, who was 23 years, 36 days old, when the 1984 Dolphins went 8-0, and Jared Goff, who was 24 years, 14 days old, when the 2018 Rams went finished at 8-0. The Dolphins won their first 11 games before losing to the Chargers. The Rams lost to the Saints the following week.

2. Hurts is also only the sixth quarterback under 25 to earn 10 consecutive starts, joining Dan Marino, Ben Roethlisberger, Dak Prescott, Peyton Manning and Lamar Jackson. Marino was 23 years and 50 days old when he won his 10th consecutive victory in 1984; Roethlisberger was 22 years, 278 days old when he won his 10th straight in 2004; Prescott was 23,118 when he won his 10th straight in 2016; Manning was 23,270 when he won No. 10 in a row in 1999; and Jackson was 22,239 when he won his 10th straight in 2019. The other five have won 11 in a row. Roethlisberger and Jackson won 13 in a row before turning 25.

3. Hurts has 18 touchdowns — 12 passes, six rushing — and just two interceptions. Only six other quarterbacks have had 18 touchdowns and two interceptions or fewer in eight games in a season: Tom Brady (32 in 2007, 24 in 2015), Aaron Rodgers (24 in 2020), Patrick Mahomes (23 in 2020), Drew Brees ( 20 in 2018), Roman Gabriel (21 in 1969) and Russell Wilson (20 in 2019). Hurts is just the 10th quarterback in NFL history with two or fewer interceptions and a completion percentage above 68% after eight games.

4. With his current streak of 138 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, Hurts now averages an INT for every 55 pass attempts in his career – 9th best in NFL history among quarterbacks who have thrown at least 500 career assists. Hurts passed Nick Foles (one for every 52 attempts) for first place in Eagles history. Not far behind are Carson Wentz (one every 50) and Donovan McNabb (one every 48).

5. Hurts has played four consecutive games with 25 or more pass attempts and no interceptions, tying the Eagles’ record. Wentz, Foles, McNabb and Gabriel also had four-game steal-free streaks. Only Brady has a longer current streak, with seven consecutive games without an INT.

6. Hurts completed 52% of his passes as a rookie and 61% last year, and he’s at 68% now. Only two quarterbacks in history have completed 52% of their passes as rookies and had a 68% or better season at any point in the rest of their careers. Bernie Kosar was 50% as a rookie with the Browns in 1985 and 68.5% in 1995 with the Dolphins, and Alex Smith was 50.9% as a rookie in 2005 and 70.2% in 2012, both with the 49ers.

seven. Hurts is averaging 12.4 yards per pass and one interception for every 50 passes in his career. He is the only quarterback in history to throw at least 500 career passes and average 12.4 yards per completion and an INT for every 50 attempts or more. Mahomes is the closest (12.3, INT every 62 attempts).,

8. Hurts is on pace for 4,339 passing yards, 25 touchdowns and four interceptions with his 68.2 percent accuracy. No quarterback has ever recorded those numbers in one season. Even converting those numbers into a 16-game season, you’re getting 4,083 yards, 24 touchdowns, and four interceptions at 68.2 percent, and no QB has ever reached those numbers in a 16-game season. And these are only passing statistics that do not take into account the rushed numbers.

9. In eight games, Hurts completed 35 of 53 passes on 3rd or 4th down for 467 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. His passer rating on 3rd and 4th downs is 119.0, 3rd highest in the league behind college teammate Tua Tagovailoa (146.1) and Mahomes (123.1).

ten. Hurts now has 12 career games with a passer rating of at least 100. That’s the record in Eagles history by a player in his first 27 starts. The previous record was Nick Foles’ 10, and Sonny Jurgensen had nine. Only 13 QBs have had more games with a 100 passer rating before their 25th birthday. Hurts won’t turn 25 until August, so he could have 11 more starts at age 24.

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