'Destiny 2' Launches Telesto Community Puzzle 'Bug' Mystery

‘Destiny 2’ Launches Telesto Community Puzzle ‘Bug’ Mystery

Even though I knew there was going to be a community event in this final month of Destiny 2, I had no idea it would start like this…this.

After receiving a tip that Something was happening today, it has since been discovered that Telesto was bugged again, but in a very untraditional way.

Soon enough, players discovered that Telesto’s final problem was firing floating bolts that rose into the air. Weird, but this is Telesto we’re talking about, so not completely unbelievable, he might start doing something like this randomly.

However, this is actually the start of a community mystery, where I believe I know the end point, but not how to get there. Again, it’s not just a random issue:

  • Telesto was animated to smoke and spark, which he didn’t do before. This happens on any ornament.
  • Firing Telesto will shoot a pattern of bolts into the sky. I believe they’re supposed to be constellations, as I’m pretty sure I saw at least Orion and one of the Big Dippers in there.
  • Holding reload will kill this floating fire mode and fire normally again. Again, this is something that Bungie must have specifically uploaded into the game. That’s not how bugs work.

(Update: 8:00 p.m. – I call it maybe a day on at least the “bolt pattern” aspect of this. They actually float skyward and look like stars, but after hours of thousands of people walking through them, I don’t think they mean anything bigger. I think the general conclusion is simply “Telesto is broken (on purpose), stay tuned for what happens next” because it leads to something bigger).

What happens from here, I’m not sure. Yes, Telesto draws constellations. No, I don’t really know what to do about it. I’ve had indications that this may continue to play out over the next few days, so we may have to wait and see what more resets bring.

We think we know where this is going because it’s been a very long time in the API now that there will be an end of season community event where players will raise money to help rebuild the Eliksni district so that this don’t be such a bombed out mess. How do you go from the constellations of Telesto to that? I have no earthly idea, my knowledge stops there. But I have to assume they are related. If not, and the Telesto case leads into something else, well, that would really be something to see.

It has been a extremely It’s been a long time since Bungie put a bizarre mystery like this into the game, which has garnered mixed feedback from players in the past. Some like the weirdness and looking for answers, others think you just sit around waiting for the community creators to fix the problem. Right now, we seem to be in that phase, as I’m told Aztecross is already tracking the constellation live on the stream. I’m sure other streamers will join him soon, once the initial skepticism wears off.

So yes, it is real. It’s not me who hallucinates a communal event into existence. Go check out Telesto’s weird behavior for yourself and come up with your own theories.

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