Democratic super PAC will put millions behind new Georgia runoff announcement as both sides focus on key contest |  CNN Politics

Democratic super PAC will put millions behind new Georgia runoff announcement as both sides focus on key contest | CNN Politics


A Democratic super super PAC will begin airing a new ad attacking Republican Herschel Walker’s character on Saturday, as both sides focus on a Georgia Senate runoff that could end up determining Senate control.

First provided to CNN, the ad, titled “Shown Us” by Georgia Honor — a group tied to the Majority Senate PAC, the predominant Democratic super PAC focused on controlling the Senate — is backed by $4 million for a week of airtime, highlighting just how expensive and controversial the runoff between Walker and Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock will be.

It is not yet clear whether the Georgia runoff result will determine Senate control, given that CNN predicted a Democratic victory in the Arizona Senate race on Friday night, but has not yet predicted a winner in the contest. of the Nevada Senate. But even if Senate control is already decided, Democratic and Republican organizations are ready to pour money into Georgia’s runoff.

The Senate Leadership Fund super PAC and the National Republican Senate Committee have already announced plans to invest millions of dollars to train Walker voters ahead of the Dec. 6 runoff.

CNN predicted this week that the race between Walker and Warnock would end after no candidate was able to secure more than 50% of the vote, extending by a month what was already one of the most expensive Senate races. from the country. From Labor Day to Election Day Tuesday, Democrats and Republicans spent more than $151 million on ads alone, trailing only the Senate race in Pennsylvania.

The Georgia Honor ad — a group that spent more than $30 million on ads during that time — calls Walker a liar who has a “long history of violence against women.”

“Herschel Walker showed us who he is,” a narrator says in the spot. “Herschel Walker is unfit to perform his duties.”

In a 2008 interview with CNN, Walker’s ex-wife, Cindy Grossman, said Walker held a razor to his throat, and at one point “he held [a] gun to my head and said he was going to blow my brains out. Grossman did not respond to CNN’s request for comment when CNN again reported on the interview in September 2021.

“Raphael Warnock and his allies are using the same tired old attacks that haven’t worked for the past few months,” said Will Kiley, a spokesman for Walker’s campaign. “His far-left stances are out of step with the Georgian people and it’s time for a change. Herschel Walker is the champion the Georgian people need.”

Veronica Yoo, spokesperson for Georgia Honor, said: “The choice facing Georgians on December 6 could not be clearer, and we fully intend to communicate in every way possible to voters that Walker is unfit and unprepared to serve them in the United States Senate. .”

Meanwhile, the Senate Leadership Fund, the predominant Republican super PAC with ties to Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, is teaming up with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to help fund a ballot operation aimed at boosting Walker, according to Jack Pandol, spokesperson for the super PAC. The committee drops $2 million to fund the equity operation Kemp built for his own re-election.

The focus on voting highlights how personally concerned Republicans are that Walker benefited from Kemp’s political operation in this week’s general election, the Senate candidate could struggle without him. governor at the top of the ticket in December.

The NRSC has also opened a joint fundraising committee with the Walker campaign and the Republican Party of Georgia, committee spokesman Chris Hartline said, and the group launched an ad this week comparing the Georgia Senate race. to “a miniseries” and argued that Warnock “belongs in Hollywood, not Washington,” noting some of the Democrat’s most unique campaign ads.

“Warnock is a great actor,” says a narrator, “he just doesn’t act like your senator. Spending, taxes, energy, you name it, Warnock votes with Joe Biden 96% of the time, and that act is getting old.

34N22, another outside Republican group supporting Walker that worked to get the vote ahead of the general election, received a $500,000 donation from Senator Rick Scott, chairman of the Republican National Senate Committee, to continue its work.

“34N22 is fully prepared to finish the fight, get Herschel Walker across the goal line and send Raphael Warnock out on December 6th,” spokesman Stephen Lawson said.

And, as CNN reported on Friday, with concerns over former President Donald Trump’s possible involvement in the Georgia runoff, a Trump aide said an idea being considered was helping Walker financially with a generous check. from MAGA Inc., Trump’s super PAC that donated $16.4. million to applicants in the final weeks of the 2022 cycle.

The Democrats, too, are beginning to pump money into the state.

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee announced Thursday that it will spend $7 million to set up the field ahead of the second round, a substantial investment aimed at increasing the number of voters contacted by Democrats ahead of the general election.

“We know that talking directly to voters through a strong, well-funded ground game is critical to winning in Georgia, and we’re wasting no time in launching those programs in the second round,” said Sen. Gary. Peters, chairman of the Democratic committee.

Walker and Warnock have already fully pivoted into the second round.

Walker spent Thursday campaigning with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“We are in overtime. We had a runoff,” Walker said at an event in Canton, Georgia. “I was built for this. God has prepared me for this moment right here.

Warnock, speaking to fans in Atlanta, said, “‘I really came to ask you a question: are you ready to do it one more time,’ a nod to the successful second round that he ran against Republican Kelly Loeffler in the 2020 cycle.

At this event, however, Warnock’s speech highlighted how the already contentious race could become even more acrimonious.

“We’ve seen that Herschel Walker has a disturbing history, a pattern of violence against women, against his own family, and he refused to take responsibility for it and he refuses to even answer questions,” Warnock said. “So the question right now is, do we want to represent Georgia? It’s a job that requires honesty.”

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