'Cheers': Norm 'made writers' lives miserable,' says co-creator

‘Cheers’: Norm ‘made writers’ lives miserable,’ says co-creator

Everyone knows the names of the characters in the classic NBC comedy Cheers. The theme song promised they would. George Wendt played Norm, the Cheers regular with an ever-growing, never-paid bar tab. Cheers Co-creator James Burrows said Norm posed major challenges for the show’s writers.

'Cheers': Norm (George Wendt) sits at the bar with a beer
George Wendt | CBS via Getty Images

Burrows was the guest of the Unintelligent podcast on July 18 to talk about his book, Directed by James Burrows. He explained how the character Norm created major problems from the very first episode of Cheers on.

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