Brooke swears to expose Thomas - and the voice-changing app makes another appearance

Brooke swears to expose Thomas – and the voice-changing app makes another appearance

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas is playing with the voice changing app. Ridge appears and Douglas tries to tell him what the app is doing, but Thomas cuts him off: “Enough said already.” Douglas demands that his phone be returned to him and Ridge growls, “I didn’t have apps when I was a kid.” Thomas says they can change your life.

At Brooke’s, she confirms to Hope that she signed the cancellation papers. She and Ridge are no longer married. They are kissing. Brooke wasn’t going to stand in his way, even though she still loves him, and he still loves her…it was so obvious. “It was hard for him, you know?”

Finn finds Taylor in Steffy’s office. She explains that his wife left and she stayed to answer a few emails. Finn brings up Brooke and Ridge ending their marriage. “I can’t imagine how you feel about that.” Taylor marvels that he didn’t even tell her he was doing this today. She realizes that it was a very difficult decision for him, but she is happy that he is finally free from Brooke.

At Brooke’s, she and Hope don’t understand that Ridge is leaving her. She’s spent every waking hour trying to figure it out, but she thinks she has the answer now – it’s because of Thomas.
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At the Forrester mansion, Douglas is sent upstairs to do his homework and Thomas can tell his father is still upset about the cancellation. Ridge wishes there was an app to make him tell the truth. He gave her another chance to tell the truth about the CPS call, but she takes no responsibility.

At Forrester, Taylor confesses to Finn that she hasn’t seen him play out that way. She remembers that Brooke was always there to earn it; she didn’t care who she hurt. It was impressive…and frightening. She wonders if she really wanted it or if she didn’t want her to have it. That’s why signing the papers will be so difficult for her. Finn recaps that Steffy and Thomas have wanted him for a long time. Taylor says that she and the children are very fond of Ridge and believe that continued happiness would be impossible for him with Brooke.
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At Brooke’s, she tells Hope that Thomas was somehow tied to the annulment papers. It was as if Ridge wanted her to admit something, or so it seemed. He knows she sees Thomas differently, but that’s no reason to get an annulment. Hope says, to be honest, she talks enough about it. Brooke insists he’s obsessed with her again, he’s just better at hiding it now, especially from his dad. Hope thinks Ridge wouldn’t like to hear these things and advises her to be careful with what she accuses Thomas of. “Wait, what are you accusing Thomas of? Brooke isn’t sure, but Ridge tied the cancellation to Thomas, which raises a red flag. “Looks like there’s more to it.” Hope worries that she is going down this path. Brooke maintains that her instincts are generally good. “If Thomas did anything to interfere with my marriage; if he’s done anything underhanded, it’s something Ridge won’t tolerate. It doesn’t matter how much he loves his son.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas characterizes Brooke as a horrible person and Ridge warns him to calm down. Thomas goes on about his wife making her son look like the bad guy and then playing the victim. Fortunately, they heard the call – each damning word in its own voice. He remembers that they had promised Walter not to say anything. “You haven’t told anyone, have you?” Ridge didn’t tell anyone. Thomas asks: “Not even mum?” Ridge didn’t tell Taylor or Steffy “Can you imagine if she found out?” he asks. Ridge turns the subject to Thomas’ triumph on the track, but Thomas urges him to find Taylor and tell her that they’re going to be together and there’s nothing Brooke can do about it.

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At Forrester, Finn asks Taylor if she knows why Ridge ended her marriage. Taylor doesn’t know, but whatever it is, she’s grateful.

In the Forrester living room, Donna hears Eric’s voice say, “Hey Donna, where did the honey go?” She turns to see Douglas using his voice-changing app. The child complains that all his recorded voices and messages have disappeared. Donna thinks there must be a way to get them back. Just then, Thomas appears and reminds the kid that he told him not to be on that app. If he’s not listening, he’ll take his phone away.
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In Forrester’s office, Taylor looks at a framed photo of Ridge and flashes back to their kiss in Monaco and having sex in Aspen. Just then, Ridge appears. She lets him know that the kids told her about the annulment papers. “Are you OK?” she asks. Ridge tells her that her marriage to Brooke is over. They are kissing.
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At Brooke’s, Hope warns her mother that continuing these attacks on Thomas will only push Ridge further away. Did she try to go to him and tell him that she would try to see Thomas through his eyes. It might help. Even though Brooke wants a life with him, she just can’t kiss Thomas like that. “There’s just something evil about Thomas and Ridge can’t be blinded to it.”

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In the Forrester lounge, Thomas tells Donna that she shouldn’t encourage him to restore the files on the app. Donna chuckles that it’s just a harmless app. Thomas maintains that this is not insignificant. Donna actually thinks it’s funny how Douglas keeps cheating on her with this. Thomas tells her she’s not helping, so she sighs and leaves the room. Thomas tells Douglas it’s not a game and he told him to stop doing it. “Delete it from your phone, okay?”
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At Brooke’s, she declares to Hope. “I don’t trust Thomas and I never will. More and more, I really think he’s responsible for the end of my marriage, and I’m going to find out exactly what he did.

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