'Black Adam' Eats Crunchyroll's 'One Piece Film Red' at Weekend Box Office - Saturday Morning Update

‘Black Adam’ Eats Crunchyroll’s ‘One Piece Film Red’ at Weekend Box Office – Saturday Morning Update

Saturday morning update: Quick update here: New Line’s black adam filed a third Friday of $4.7 million en route to $17 million in the US, -38% from last weekend. While some rivals told me about the high cost of this movie at $200 million before P&A, that stands there for black adam is better than the third weekend of 2019 Hobbs & Shaw, in percentage and in dollars (-44%, $14.1 million). The total sum running for the Dwayne Johnson film by Sunday will be $136 million.

This movie is the biggest thing on the market right now, driving dealership sales for the exhibit, so there’s nothing to complain about.

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Crunchyroll’s One Piece Movie Red has better prospects at second place with $10.3 million. The Toei Animation co-production won the day with $4.8 million, including $1.7 million in previews. The film is available in English subtitled or dubbed version. Fans showed up, period, giving the film an A CinemaScore. Audience exits on Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak trended 88% positive, 76% male, 75% 18-34. The diversity demos were 23% Caucasian, 37% Latino and Hispanic, 18% Black, and 22% Asian/Other. Those who bought tickets wanted to see it in Imax or on PLF, these formats generating almost 40% of weekend ticket sales.

We will have more updates for you later.

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Friday afternoon: It’s not the anime that will have the upper hand at the weekend box office, but the people’s champion.

Dwayne Johnson’s New Line DC Movie black adam is looking to bring in a third Friday of $3.7-4.3 million for what appears to be a $14M – $16M third weekend in 3,985 theaters, -45% for a cumulative total by Sunday of $135 million on the high end. If the upper end of the projection holds, black adam will be about 1% ahead of Johnson’s fast furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw until its third weekend.

‘One Piece Movie Red’


While Crunchyroll’s anime title One Piece Movie Red appears to be earning Friday, including previews of $1.7 million, with $4.6 million industry estimates predict the film will earn just one $8.8M to $10M opening at 2,415, which is on the lower end of the Sony-owned distribution label; its pricing usually opens at $18M-$21M+.

Julia Roberts-George Clooney, Universal’s Older Romantic Comedy ticket to paradise in 4,066 theaters sees a third Friday of $2.2M, -31%, a third weekend of $7 million-29%, and a cumulative total of $45.4M.

from Paramount Smile keep smiling with a sixth weekend in 3,046 theaters of $3.16M, -42% and a cumulative total of $98.2M. Friday appears to be landing at $950,000.

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Lionsgate Weekend 2 Horror Photo prey for the devil at 2,980 seems to show a second Friday north of $800,000, -71% for an estimated second session of $2.6M-64% for a total by Sunday of $12.3 million.

Friday morning : As theater tries to find its footing in the pandemic, thank God for Crunchyroll Animated Movies to fill schedule gaps and boost popcorn sales for theaters. The Sony owned label One Piece Movie Redbased on the best-selling manga title and in partnership with Toei Animation, made an estimate $1.6M to $1.8M Thursday excluding sessions which started at 5 p.m. The film has also been booked in Imax and PLF theaters. Industry Screenings See Movie Potentially Shake New Line/DC’s Third Weekend black adam with a $14M – $16M opening in 2,415 theaters.

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These previews are slightly lower than recent Crunchyroll movies, i.e. Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes made $4 million before posting $21.1 million over 3 days in August, while Jujutsu Kaisen 0 released a $2.88 million preview in March for an $18 million weekend that finished No. 2 behind Warner Bros. third session of The Batman ($36.7M)

The latest installment in this global franchise is already the highest-grossing to date, grossing over $132 million at the box office, with Japan accounting for $120 million of that figure.

The series centers on the epic quest to find One Piece, the legendary treasure of the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. In the latest film, beloved singer Uta, whose voice has been described as otherworldly, is notorious for concealing her identity during her performances. Now, for the very first time, she will reveal herself to the world in a live concert.

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A play creator Eiichiro Oda is the executive producer of One Piece Movie Reddirected by Goro Taniguchi (One Piece Beat it! The Ganzack Pirate!), and written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Movie: Gold).

The franchise covers film, home video, video games and a growing catalog of licensed products.

In the meantime, here are the top 5 movies from Thursday night:

1.) black adam (NL) 4,402 theaters, Game $1.635m (-5% vs Wed), Week $35.4m, Total $118.8m/Week 2

2.) ticket to paradise (Uni) 3,692 theaters, game $1.02 (0% from Wednesday), week $14.5M, total $38.2M/week 2

3.) prey for the devil (LG) 2,980 theaters, Thursday $440,000 (+1% for Wednesday), week $9.8M/week 1

4.) Smile (Per) 3,221 Theaters, Game $400,000 (+3% from Wednesday), Week $7.7M/Total $95.1M/Week 5

5.) Godzilla vs Mechagod (Fathom) 727 theaters, $335,000/opening day

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