Ashanti claims Irv Gotti said he made her 'f**kable' in explosive Angie Martinez interview

Ashanti claims Irv Gotti said he made her ‘f**kable’ in explosive Angie Martinez interview

Ashanti sits down for an interview with Angie Martinez for the 'IRL' podcast.

Ashanti sits down for an interview with Angie Martinez for the ‘IRL’ podcast.
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In a explosive new interview for Angie Martinez’s “IRL” podcast, Ashanti finally opened up about Irv Gotti’s remarks about their historic relationship. However, she claimed that was far from what it was.

“Let’s get this straight,” the R&B singer explained. “We’re not going to say relationship. We treated with each other, but was Irv my boyfriend? Was I his girlfriend? Never… Irv had multiple girlfriends so I’m a bit confused by the label and description.

In August, Gotti take from Drink champions to talk about how he dated the star, giving goofy details that struck many viewers as predatory. Although the two are involved, Ashanti explained how she felt compelled to be with him.

“I really feel like manipulation played a huge part in my situation and Irv’s,” she told Martinez. “He would say things like, ‘Nobody wants to record with you, nobody fucks you like that.’ On the one hand, he made it feel like it was family-family-family, and on the other, he was like, ‘Nobody doesn’t even like you.’ »

Ashanti also shared how Gotti continued to disrespect him throughout his time on Murder Inc saying things like:

“‘You ain’t shit, fuck you… you ain’t even f**king loyal. You know I created you, made the world want to fuck you, you know what I’m saying? He was saying ‘N***a wanna fuck you because I made you look like this. I made you f**kable…’ in those exact words.

Ashanti has insisted that Gotti pushed her to be a better artist, but claims that he “made her” are false. ““If you did me, do another one – where is she?” the singer joked.

Ultimately, her relationship with Nelly led to Irv trying to kick her out of Murder Inc. “Irv was salty!” Irv wouldn’t let me come into the studio to record. Irv was telling everyone not to record with me,” Ashanti said.

“Why do I want to stay in this situation? How can I stay in this situation? Do you know what he told me? He said, ‘No, you want to be with Nelly? Go sign at Derrty Ent. We don’t want you. What am I supposed to do?”

She continued, “He was blocking a lot of things. Irv was telling DJs not to play the record… He told my stylist at the time, “If you fuck Ashanti, you don’t fuck me.” That’s what he said to every person on the tag in the building.

Ashanti also claimed that the Drink champions The interview was tone-deaf given the current climate that denounces sexual harassment, abuse and women’s equality. She also said that Ja Rule stood up for her during the taping, but could have stood up for her more.

Ultimately, Ashanti is proud of her career accomplishments, including music, movies, and even a stint on Broadway. However, she knows that her relationship with Gotti is completely beyond repair.

“I feel like Irv is just hurt and he doesn’t know where to place his hurt and he doesn’t know how to channel it as a man. It’s sad,” he said. she remarked, “I sincerely believe, in my heart, that Irv wishes death for me. One million percent.

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