AEW Rampage recap and reactions: Tournament matches steal the show

AEW Rampage recap and reactions: Tournament matches steal the show

AEW Carnage (November 11, 2022) emanated from the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA. The show featured Brian Cage, Dante Martin, Rush, and Bandido rocking the ring in the World Title Elimination Tournament, Orange Cassidy defending the All-Atlantic Championship with hijinx, and more.

Let’s start straight with a recap of the show followed by reactions.

Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone were commentators. Justin Roberts handled ring announcer duties.

The opening segment saw Jungle Boy go head-to-head with Christian Cage and Luchasaurus for a challenge. They stacked the odds against him, so JB decided to punch them and stack the odds against himself. Jungle Boy challenged Luchasaurus to a steel cage match at Full equipment. Christian realized JB wasn’t leaving, so they’ll have to put him down for good. Challenge accepted. Christian taunted Jungle Boy with remarks about his late father. JB took the bait and grabbed Christian’s throat with both hands. This left him unprotected for Luchasaurus to strike. The dino closed the scene by chokeslamming his former friend into an open chair.

PAC spoke to its partners about the Triangle of Death. They must defend the trios titles by any means necessary. PAC raised his gavel to speak emphatically. Fenix ​​was reluctant to agree.

If you missed the news, Ricky Starks was not medically cleared to compete on Carnage after Lance Archer’s backstage attack on dynamite. This game is supposed to be moved to next week dynamite.

AEW World Title Elimination Tournament Quarter-Final: Brian Cage vs. Dante Martin

Prince Nana was in the front row to support the Machine. Martin started off with fiery, quick attacks to throw Cage off balance. Cage grabbed a flying crossbody to do some curl reps. Martin escaped and came back on the attack. He did a muscle flex then went for a suicide dive. Cage caught Martin in the air for a ground suplex. Cage entered the ring for a muscle flex all his own with great pride at his peaks.

Cage took control with the power. Martin countered transporting a firefighter in a DDT. The underdog threw furious punches and threw a flying crossbody, outboard springboard, and flying splash. That couldn’t hold Cage back. Martin missed a 450 splash. Cage exploded for a lariat discus and a full nelson slam. Martin was dazed but managed to get out of cover. Cage finished with Weapon X for the win.

Brian Cage defeated Dante Martin.

Lee Moriarty learned he could stick with the best after losing to Jon Moxley. His confidence is at an all time high. Moriarty plans to collect gold from any champion. Hook walked in with the FTW Championship while eating chips and watching Moriarty.

House of Black thumbnail featuring the resurrection of Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews. They will bring a realm of violence and pain.

AEW World Title Elimination Tournament Quarterfinal: Rush vs. Bandido

Jose The Assistant was in the front row. Rush went for a tope con hilo when Bandido entered. El Toro Blanco beat Bandido around the ring before the opening bell. Once the match officially began, Rush picked his opponent apart and sported his signature taunts. Bandido rallied for a tornillo dive, a suicide dive, a Fosbury flop and a frog splash. Rush was expelled.

Both luchadores ramped up for a German suplex fight. German by Rush, German by Bandido, German by Rush, crucifix bomb by Bandido, leg lariat by Rush. Both men were on the ground.

Rush took control of a piledriver. Bandido was expelled. Jose slid a chair into the ring to distract himself. When Rush caught it, the referee stepped in. This allowed Jose to move unseen to Bandido in an effort to remove his mask. John Silver arrived on the scene to fuck with Rush. Silver hit Jose and Bandido scored a roll-up on Rush to win.

Bandido defeated Rush.

Tony Khan announced on Twitter that Bandido is All Elite.

Jake Hager approached Claudio Castagnoli. Hager complimented Claudio as an incredible wrestler and even better sports artist. Hager asked Claudio to rethink sports entertainment. He didn’t press for an answer and left Claudio to think.

Nyla Rose vs. Kayla Sparks

The Native Beast held an open challenge as an unofficial defense of the TBS Championship with the stolen gold. Nyla crushed Sparks using Jade Cargill’s moves in mockery. Nyla is done with Jaded.

Nyla Rose defeated Kayla Sparks.

Then Jade and the villains rushed to the ring. Jade connected on a stroke of pump to Nyla. Security surrounded Jade and Nyla fled with the title.

Mark Henry interviewed key event attendees. Lee Johnson plans to bring home the first championship for the factory. It recognizes Orange Cassidy as a world-class competitor. Johnson then dissed Danhausen as a cosplay dink. Cassidy took out her own microphone to steal Henry’s lines. Henry interrupted her. Enough talk. Henry concluded with “It’s main event time!”

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Lee Johnson

QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, Cole Karter, Best Friends and Danhausen were all at ringside. Cassidy frustrated Johnson with his comedic antics. The factory caused distractions to help Johnson gain control. It didn’t last long and Cassidy was on top again. The factory got back to work with Comoroto pulling Cassidy out of the ring and smashing him over the barricade. Danhausen cursed Comoroto. QT blew low Danhausen from behind and smashed a piledriver onto the ringside steps. Danhausen was escorted back in pain.

The match progressed with an emphasis on outside shenanigans. Johnson performed a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kicked out by Cassidy. Johnson argued with the referee as a distraction for Comoroto to press Cassidy into the air on the outside. Trent ran to spear the muscular, burly man. Chuck Taylor crossed the ring for a flying attack on QT and Karter.

Johnson dodged a superman punch to score a roll-up with his feet on the ropes. Cassidy fired anyway. Johnson unloaded hard punches. During a powerbomb lift, Cassidy escaped to hit Beach Break for the win.

Orange Cassidy defeated Lee Johnson.

After the match, Karter entered the ring and ate a superman punch. Best Friends hugged Karter and then stuffed him with a triple powerbomb to close the show.

World title playoff tournament matches stole the show tonight from Carnage. Out of both contests, I would nod Brian Cage and Dante Martin as the best, but that’s a close call. Both fights were very enjoyable with great action.

Martin was electric. I appreciated his game plan for a fast pace. Martin opened with urgency as if he had a method behind his attacks. It was very strategic. As Martin kept Cage on his toes, it created an outpouring of support from the crowd eager to witness an upset. Enthusiasm had an upward trajectory throughout. Cage put on his shit to smash Martin out of the sky. Martin was a good partner to make Cage look strong. Cage still looks strong, however, the setups were cool thanks to Martin’s athleticism. Even though Martin lost, it’s the type of performance that wins fans and shows his potential for great things in the future. Cage recorded a quality win, which he badly needed after recent losses to Wardlow and Samoa Joe.

Rush and Bandido also rocked the ring. Fans rallied around Bandido. I was a little surprised because he’s relatively new to AEW, but I’m not that surprised because Bandido is super exciting. Even though the finish was a little weak with Silver, it makes sense given the story with 10. I would have preferred Bandido to get a breakout victory rather than the result being used to set up a mid-map televised fight between Rush and Money. This competition has not been announced, but it most likely will be in the near future.

The main event was madness to the max. If AEW is going to embrace this kind of thing, then go all out. They did, and it was great fun. Let’s be realistic. No one expected Johnson to win. Instead, AEW created a blast. All the interference from the factory set the stage for the best friends to rally around and blow up the fans in the process. Johnson and Cassidy had a decent tango in terms of wrestling exchanges. They seemed to have good chemistry on the dance floor.

The rest of the show had a lot of interesting little bits. I like the steel cage stipulation for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Justification and rationalization made sense on both sides. Christian once again shone like a bastard. Hook making a move towards Lee Moriarty is intriguing matchmaking. They have my curiosity to observe Hook against a technician. The House of Black sticker had a cool visual and vocal story. It’ll probably be more fluff than stuff, but I’ll appreciate the artistry while it’s fresh. The tease between Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose was tantalizing. I’m suitably pumped for their PPV contest.

Grade: B+

Entertaining wrestling, fun goofiness, and teasing to spark curiosity. Easy to digest episode.

Share your thoughts on Carnage. How would you rate it? What were your favorite moments from the show?

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