“We’re literally in an hour-to-hour situation here,” McDermott said Friday, “just watching how he’s going to progress through the day and as he goes through his various medical tests, making sure that he’s able to tick the boxes and progress to where we can see if we can carry on through the day here.”

Allen was not present during the brief practice portion open to the media on Friday. He didn’t participate in practice this week and McDermott declined to say what his job was behind the scenes. Allen was in practice during the game not open to the media, helping his teammates on the field.

“I mean, sure, Josh can be a little depressed,” wide receiver Gabe Davis said. “I mean, he is a competitor, he wants to play, wants to be healthy. It sucks when injuries happen, but he’s positive. He’s out there coaching and helping us with things that he knows and helping Case [Keenum]and we’re all holding back all that information and getting ready to go.”

Allen hasn’t missed a game since his rookie year in 2018, when he also sat out four times with a UCL injury to his right elbow.

If Allen can’t play, Keenum would make his first start for the Bills after the team acquired him in the offseason from the Cleveland Browns. Keenum has only played out-of-control games this year, completing 2 of 7 assists. Keenum, who played for the Vikings in 2017, went 2-0 as a Browns starter last season.

“I think we anticipated this potentially, from the start,” McDermott said. “And so we’ll see where it goes. I think the other thing you have to layer in now is potential for weather come game day. And here we go with that in terms of that could be the case for the rest of the season So we do the best we can.

“At the end of the day, Josh has to be Josh, if he’s able to play. And if Case plays, then Case has to be Case and lead the attack.”

The quarterback accounted for 82% of the Bills’ total yardage and 92% of their offensive touchdowns, both the highest in the NFL.

“For the majority, [the offense] doesn’t change,” wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie said. “Case is going to go out there and throw the ball, throw the ball to his guys, and he’s going to have fun. I mean, he probably can’t run as well as Josh, but I’m pretty sure if he were to step into open ground, he’d make a few moves. … I feel like I’m comfortable with Case. I’m pretty sure everyone is comfortable with Case, and if Case plays on Sunday then that’s what we’re going to roll with.”

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