14 famous people who were humiliated by their parents for the dumbest and most ridiculous reasons ever

14 famous people who were humiliated by their parents for the dumbest and most ridiculous reasons ever

Last year the weird eye star and her husband, Rob, welcomed their first child via surrogate. When Tan shared an adorable photo of the couple meeting their son, a troll accused them of stealing the baby (WTF?). Tan shared a response on his Instagram Story, writing, “We didn’t have to steal it. Your mom actually gave it to us. She didn’t want to risk having another asshole like you, Brandon.”

Last month the new girl the actor shared a selfie of herself sitting on a swing. Someone commented, “Where are your kids?” — something celebrity moms often hear and celebrity dads don’t.

Megan replied, “Wait, wait. I have…kids?!? Oh my god, I knew I forgot something!!”

In 2018, the rapper shared a photo of herself sitting on Offset’s lap at her baby shower. One Instagram user commented, “All this money and the baby shower looks like a bucket of CORN.” Cardi replied, “It was beautiful, and we were happy. Your mom waited nine whole months for you to be ugly and a bucketful of disappointment.”

In 2020, the model shared a special moment on Instagram: the first time she breastfed in public. People slammed the ‘lack of modesty’ with one commenter writing: ‘Put on some sort of covering to hide your breasts so the majority of people don’t have to feel uncomfortable seeing a half-naked woman in public.”

On an episode of Red table discussionshe responded to the backlash by saying, “My whole career is based on being sexy, and my boobs have been front and center on a lot of magazine covers, so going back to my baby, he’s sucking on them, I think people just had to change their minds, but they’re versatile.”

Earlier this year, Ashley welcomed twins. She shared a photo of herself holding one baby while breastfeeding the other, and once again she faced a ton of mommy-shaming. Shortly after, she posted a video with the caption, “I’m not going to apologize for feeding my child.”

When the actor and his wife, Laura, welcomed their second child together in 2018, he posted a sweet photo of him holding his newborn daughter. In a lovely caption, he mentioned skin-to-skin contact, which can promote bonding and have many health benefits.

Someone on Twitter joked, “Nurse: would you like to hold your new baby? The Rock: wait, let me take my shirt off.”

Nurse: Would you like to hold your new baby in your arms? @TheRock: wait, let me take off my shirt. https://t.co/bEqVjPZj7z

Dwayne Johnson / Twitter: @atupchurch

Dwayne replied, “Bravo! But one day, when you have Allison babies, you will understand the power of skin to skin.”

@atupchurch 😂👏🏾 good! Buuuuut one day when you have babies Allison you will understand the power of skin to skin

Dwayne Johnson / Twitter: @TheRock

After the underworld shared a video of herself dancing, someone shaming her for choosing to go out rather than stay home with her daughter (who was 18 at the time?!).

In an epic response, Kate wrote: “The amazing thing is it’s not the 18th century anymore so now that my kid is grown up I don’t have to stay home anymore (while she’s with her own friends) playing the pianoforte, getting the drink, or trying to secure her a marriage. But thanks for the quaint blast from the past. Oh, and I can vote now too! YAY.

In 2018, the cookbook author shared a fun photo where she was breastfeeding her son and a doll side by side. “Luna makes me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now,” she wrote. One Twitter user replied, “Menstruation, childbirth and sex are all natural too, but that doesn’t mean I want to see pictures of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or breastfeeding. We understand .”

“I don’t care if I see grainy fireworks or Coachella selfies or infinity pool photos, but I let people live,” Chrissy replied. “Calm your breasts and scroll.”

I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, coachella selfies or infinity pool photos, but I let people live. calm your breasts and scroll. https://t.co/k604IcF55a

Chrissy Teigen / Twitter: @chrissyteigen

When the singer shared a beautiful photo of his daughter in his arms, one Instagram user wrote, “So tired of seeing them wearing her. So she doesn’t need legs.” A few days later, John spoke about dad’s shame with entertainment tonightsaying, “I think people see a picture and want to pass judgment on how people live their lives, and I think the best advice for all of us is to let parents be parents and not criticize based on what you see on social media.”

Like many celebrities, the x-men The actor chooses not to post his children’s faces on social media. When someone on Instagram insinuated that Halle was embarrassed by her kids, she replied, “I noticed you’ve said it a few times now, so let me be clear: I didn’t have to. all ashamed of my kids. I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work really hard to keep their identities as private as possible given that ‘they’re just children.’

Several weeks after the Pretty little Liars The actor gave birth to her first child, she and her boyfriend Matte Babel attended Drake’s birthday party. Bafflingly, she faced a ton of backlash for it, with one commenter writing, “Mom of the Year award here!!!! Like you could seriously let your baby party?!! I hope Children’s Aid will look into this and your parenting skills because damn!!! I’m missing some serious skills there, honey! #selfish.”

In a video she shared on her Instagram Story, Shay joked, “Apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to hang out and party. It wasn’t three days , and she was with [my dog] Angel, so…”

In 2019, the Younger The actor shared an adorable black and white photo on Instagram of herself and her daughter smiling. When people noticed the 8-month-old had her ears pierced, tons of hate poured in, with one commenter going so far as to call it ‘child abuse’.

Although Hilary didn’t respond at the time, she referenced the whole drama two years later. After having her second daughter’s ears pierced, she shared a photo on her Instagram Story, writing, “Yes! I got her ears pierced today. Can’t wait for the internet to call me an abuser. ‘kids…again. Less go.’

In 2018, the cookbook author shared a silly video of herself and her daughter. Someone commented: “Lawd have mercy, why don’t you know how to brush these girls hair??? It’s driving me crazy!!!”

Ayesha replied, “I don’t create moments for Instagram. Moments happen and I share them sometimes. I’m not going to make up my kids for the perception or approval of anyone here. If that’s what you want to see, then this is not the page for you. Real life here.

After the singer shared a moment at the zoo with her son, she received tons of backlash from people saying they shouldn’t visit a place where animals were in captivity. “Here’s the thing, though,” Pink replied. “I don’t remember asking for your advice or your help raising my child. This is not the place for a debate. Call CNN or call the zoo.”

A few days later, she shared a photo of her child with the perfect caption to get ahead of the trolls. “Here’s a picture of my child running through the water. It wasn’t even filtered. What a waste of water. And no helmet? I hope she had sunscreen on. If she slips and falls, she may be traumatized for life. And her mother wasn’t even there. I was… panting… working!!!! In another country!”


And finally, Gabrielle Union

In 2018, the Bring it on The actor shared an adorable video where she lightly kissed her baby on the lips. The comments section quickly filled with criticism insisting that it is not healthy to do so.

“Kaav is healthy, and I don’t even touch her without washing and sanitizing myself and anyone and everything that comes in contact with her,” Gabrielle replied. “If you think I’ve waited so long and gone through all of this to put my baby in danger…you’ve got something else to come.”

Are there any other celebrities who have had the perfect response to parent shaming? LMK in the comments below!

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